VITA Airdrop to IoTeX Genesis Voters

⚡️ It has been one month since we launched VITA - the first IoTeX Network token! 

💛Today IoTeX is very happy to celebrate with a 5,000,000+ VITA airdrop to our Genesis Voters  -  check your VITA balance via IoTeX Desktop/online wallet now!

✅ Check if you are a Genesis Voter and eligible for the VITA airdrop 📌HERE 

✅ Make sure you have the private key of the wallet which you used for voting. Use it to access IoTeX wallet and manage your VITA

✅ For Ledger users, you will have access to your VITA after the IoTeX Ledger app is online (currently under review by Ledger team)

➡️ Coming soon - Genesis Voter campaign to earn another 5,000 VITA! Stay tuned for more details.

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