Swap ERC20 IOTX to Native IOTX

❇️ Swap ERC20 IOTX to Native IOTX

  1. Record the private key of your ETH wallet holding ERC20-IOTX. Make sure this is NOT an exchange wallet - you must have the private key!
  2. Send any amount of ERC20-IOTX to 0xB9071B7016d29B2672E3796A4c4f41838CBB6fc3 (swap address) and the same amount of Native IOTX will be sent to the corresponding IoTeX address (note: starts with "io") within ~1 minute.
  3. You can access the corresponding IoTeX address using the same private key as your ERC20 wallet. Just enter the private key into any wallet that supports Native IOTX. The same private key is used to unlock the ETH and IO addresses that are swapping ERC20 & Native IOTX.

⚠️ REMINDER: do not send ERC20-IOTX from an exchange wallet or hardware wallet to the swap address - you MUST have the private key! You will lose your tokens if you do so! Instead, transfer from exchange or hardware wallet → normal wallet → swap address.

⚠️ The current version of Trust Wallet is not working properly. Please use other wallet before we have further announcement. If you already used it to process the swap, please notice that your native tokens have already arrived and they are safe. You will be able to access the corresponding IoTeX wallet to check balance in the next version.

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