IoTeX VITA Referral Campaign

🤩 Tell your friends about VITA and get referral bonus! 💰

🙌 Greetings everyone! We are planning to launch a referral campaign for our VITA discord ( group. Between🗓 07/18/2019 6:30 PM to 07/24/2019 *6:30 PM PDT, you will be rewarded with 20 VITA for each successful referral, up to 100 referrals. By the end of this campaign, the top 5 referrers will be granted additional 500 VITA for their great work. 💪

🔸Make sure you set the referral link to NEVER EXPIRE before you start. Only ONE referral link per account will be used to calculate your referral contribution. Please use the SAME referral link when you share with your friends.

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