Citex, Elitex, Codex - new IoTeX listing

🎉 IOTX listing on CITEX!

CITEX is a global digital asset exchange registered in Seoul, South Korea. IoTeX is excited to have them join our Delegate Program to strengthen the Korean market - vote for CITEX now!

✅ Trading Pairs: IOTX/BTC, IOTX/ETH 
✅ Deposit Open: June 27, 15:00 GMT+8
✅ Trading Open: June 27, 16:00 GMT+8

💰Check listing campaigns and staking campaign here ➡️

🎉 IOTX listed on Elitex!

✅ Trading Pairs: IOTX/BTC, IOTX/ETH, IOTX/LSK 
✅ Trading Open: June 27, 10:00 AM CET

💰Vote for Elitex at and happy trading - more to come! 

🎉 IOTX listing on CODEX with Full Support of UAH!

Earlier last week, CODEX has listed IOTX with the IOTX/BTC pair. Today, we are very excited to have IOTX/USDT added - IoTeX now fully supports the Ukrainian Hryvnia trades!

✅ Trading Pairs: IOTX/USDT, IOTX/BTC 
✅ Trading Open: July 3, 3:00AM PDT

💰Happy Trading @!

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