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With the application of platforms being so many, one thing which is for sure is that the demand for the solution provided by TheKey would be immense. In the future, it is sure to propel the value of the tokens as well, as more and more companies and authorities all over the world start using this platform in order to verify the individuals. Thus, this ICO actually provides you with the good opportunity to invest in a unique solution of the blockchain technology. Instead of just investing in the financial sector -related blockchain start-ups, this ICO provides you with a unique proposition to invest in alternative blockchain application which would gain large popularity in the future. This ICO is definitely worth a look if you’re looking to invest in upcoming blockchain verticals.
What is THEKEY? What problems does THEKEY solve?
THEKEY Project is now developing a second-generation IDV solution for the internet via BDMI technology. BDMI stands for “Blockchain based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification” technology. Such a solution perfectly echoes the main requirements for identifying each other in the digital world, which is ‘The Key’ for migrating people from the real world to the online world.
BDMI, as the name of it, synergistically combines Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification (“DMI”) technology and blockchain technology.
The results generated from the existing IDV technologies, which have been developed and applied on the internet, could be denied and altered. Blockchain uses an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, ensuring the data transmission and the safety in utilization, which is characterized by several features e.g. immutability, irreversibility, security etc. In particular, smart contracts are realized by programmable scripts, increasing the practicability of Blockchain. With those features, the application dilemma of identity verification technology is overcome. The results generated from BDMI will be undeniable and unalterable.
What’s the use of TKY?
The THEKEY Ecosystem will be a decentralized autonomy community, which will consist of three components of participants, (Validator, Service Provider and Individual User) Smart Contracts and TKY Tokens. THEKEY token (“TKY Token”), as a major component of the Ecosystem, is the only method to settle smart contracts signed between the participants in THEKEY Ecosystem. Since every aspect of life is in need of identity verification, like security check, access permission, medical treatment and shopping etc. the utility of TKY token will be extremely high.

TheKey details:
As the line between the online world and off-line world blows more and more, it is important to verify the identity of individuals online to ensure that they are able to gain access to services and products which they have paid for. Also, it is necessary to put an added layer of security which would verify the individual before giving them access to their personal information as well as transactions. In order to develop such a platform, TheKey has developed such a platform which fulfills the need of identity verification.
The platform is based on blockchain based dynamic multidimensional identification technique. The identifiable information which would be used on this platform would be verified by the government authorities in order to ensure that it is entirely accurate. Thus, the identification tool would be able to accurately identify the individuals in order to give them access to their personal information as well as products and services. Since the entire platform is blockchain based, there would be no security problems as well due to the decentralized structure. The IDV solutions that are the identity verification solution provided by this platform can be used by governments as well as companies all over the world in order to provide personalized services to individuals.

Token Sale Info:

Ticker: TKY

ICO Start: February 1st, 2018

ICO End: February 28th, 2018

ICO Token Price: 1 TKY = 0.0134 USD (0.000001 BTC)

Bonus: Yes

Token Type: NEO

Accepts: NEO

Goal: $22,000,000 USD

Raised in Pre-Sale: $16,500,000 USD

KYC: Yes

Official blog:

Username Btalk: Aliy222
Link Btalk:;u=1573256
Wallet ETH: 0xd7F0ddAce42Cf24ebcd71dd5445471A5B04a246C

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