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Let’s take a look at the online platform, which was introduced for the reinvention of equity market worldwide. It uses the technology of blockchains to disrupt the equity market. It facilitates effective business communications by acting as a bridge between the investors and the businesses. It allows share trading (buying and selling) for a variety of businesses from small scale to a large scale.

How does Chainium work?
Chainium aims to use blockchain technology to undermine global stock markets. One of the biggest innovations of the platform is to allow users to safely buy and sell stocks in a convenient way. Chainium wants to buy and sell through any mobile app.

The entire platform is supported by the blockchain. Chainium uses distributed ledgers to create and sell business transactions. This eliminates the middle of the market, including the administrative costs and reconciliation steps required in today’s stock market.
The Following is the basic process for at investor or business owner to buy / sell shares through the platform:

  • The business owner downloads the Chainium application and then Provides the use of the application to sell the shares
  • The business owner Defines the valuation and the The
    majority of the
    shares are in common legal or cryptocurrencies through their shares app
  • at the end of the offer period, usually in legal tender or cryptocurrencies

Chainium benefits
Chainium benefits business owners and investors.
For Owners

  • Sell Shares to Raise Funds — Sell Shares
    Directly to Investors
  • No Necessary Listings or Banks
  • Remove Brokers, Reduce Process Fees
  • Sell Shares Whether Your Business Is Public or Not Listed
  • Free Access to All of These Features
    For Investors
  • Buying Stock Directly From Business
  • Deleting Brokers
  • Getting Exclusive Investment Opportunities
  • Buying Stocks On The Secondary Market
  • Free Access To All Of These Features

This is to establish our linkage with other crypto-currency platforms — unity in diversity seems to apply here. That our platform is powered by block chain is an indication universality and authenticity. From business owners, who sell shares to, and the multi-investors, who buy shares sold to Chainium, we function as middle point of contact.

In fact, Chainium’s investor app is now available on the Google Play store.

Chainium Team
Chainium is headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The company was founded in 2017 by a group of more than 15 years of global stock market experience. The team has practical experience in blockchain technology, data security and financial management. Sascha Ragtschaa, COO and co-founder Florian Batliner-Staber, CTO and co-founder Ermin Dzinic and chief marketing officer Helen Tanner. Chainium AG is governed by the EU’s jurisdiction and policies, including the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein (known as the Financial Market Authority). Obviously, there are many blockchain companies around Switzerland, but there are not so many blockchain companies in this small country of Liechtenstein. Why Chainium choose to list Liechtenstein? The company claims that the country has few bureaucracies and stable market conditions.

The Chianium platform was initiated by a team of experts who have worked jointly in data security, financial regulation, and the equity market for many years. They thought it was time to revolutionize the existing state of affairs in the stock market. Chainium is planning to launch its pre-sale tokens for those who want to purchase its tokens in the year 2018.
Although Chainium is headquartered in Liechtenstein, the company has offices in the UK and Germany and plans to open more centers in North America and Asia in the future.

Token Sale
What is CHX then? CHX is the utility token that fuels and runs the platform and underlying network. Business owners are required to lock up CHX tokens in a Smart Contract in order to launch an equity offer on our marketplace. This ties business owners to their investors and protects the entire community from spam and fraudulent offers. CHX is also used by both business owners and investors to purchase additional value add services.

Website Security: This has been tested by a third party and the environment has been security hardened and all latest patches and security updates installed.
Constant and Daily Monitoring of Site: Chainium constantly monitors her websites for suspicious users and illegal activities.
Smart Contract MOU: Chain security services had been hired to review smart contracts and security codes according to current engineering/legal trends.
DDOS Protection: A distributed DNS and a well managed web applications firewall under the auspices Cloudfare insurance company.

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