We have been interested in how the retail market has seen it grow strongly, at least one person can facilitate the rapid development of the market including the electricity trading market. death. People can buy any goods via the Internet easily, thus saving their time, effort and energy. But really, at the present time, the number of e-commerce customers is huge. And will continue to increase, because many experts and researchers predict this growth will be even faster in the future, therefore, it is a very worthwhile issue to consider your business digitization on the Internet.


Besides this rapid growth, the trade relations market is facing some difficulties. Each store, whether online or offline, cares about its customers, using its strengths and experiences, from marketing, to advertising or any loyalty program and system any refund system. All this is used only for the purpose of attracting and retaining their customers. But the reality shows that not all companies and businesses can be proud of a perfectly built marketing environment, resulting in them being difficult, costly and time-consuming. than before.
What are you thinking about? Yes, it is that many retail businesses that use the services of third-party organizations that promise them will provide a high quality and reliable customer base and they will have to spend a high amount of money. On the other hand, it is also not important for the field in which they will conduct marketing for online or offline business. Their working principle is the same. This is actually a classic plan and of course it is often imperfect.
Learn from these mathematical thinking, a group of experts with extensive experience in the Internet and other financial fields. Their idea is to remove any intermediaries between a buyer and a seller, and that doesn't matter whether his business is offline or online.

About the project

From these progressive ideas came a new non-concentrated project called SESSIA. SESSIA is a unique option for most of the issues mentioned above, whereby entrepreneurs will have direct access to their customers and will be able to encourage them to buy their goods.
You can imagine that such a project is already happening and this is the truth. Here I will explain the concept of SESSIA in more detail and you will see how big SESSIA is.

Project characteristics

The key technology for this project was not picked up by accident, because behind the blockchain is our bright future. Because with it, you can easily keep track of all current processes. It allows you to control the confidentiality and transparency of all transactions, as well as being publicly available anywhere in the world. It is convenient, practical, and most importantly accessible. Analyzing its advantages, the development team decided why not to use all these qualities in the retail market, while excluding all third parties that were links between brands Successful entrepreneurs and their customers. So the idea of ​​SESSIA was born.
With the removal of intermediaries, SESSIA allows consumers to interact directly with any retailer, both online and offline, regardless of their geographical location. The brand will be able to encourage their individual customers for every perfect purchase, automatically charging them a small refund. Why refund? Strangely, in recent years, the word has become so popular in society, and all because of this model of interaction between the seller and the buyer strongly stimulates the purchase of products that allow you to receive Get some additional value, that's a refund.

This is not the only advantage in SESSIA system. Entrepreneurs will also be able to encourage their customers directly by adding Cixes (this is the internal token of the SESSIA platform) to take their friends and they also make purchases in a tool shop. can. Mainly bring a friend to receive a nice reward. This scheme is very similar to word of mouth, but as we all know, this is one of the most powerful tools available in commercial and market relations.


The strength of the SESSIA platform compared to other decentralized projects is that SESSIA simply creates an environment for both parties' communication, not active participation and no big fees. It's fun to work with SESSIA, because in its arsenal there is a large amount of tools, both for businessmen and customers.
On the entrepreneurial side: have access to all the functions that contribute to their reward system, in which each minimum and maximum set of functions is accessible to everyone.
On the customer side: also receive the entire social environment where he can buy goods, receive refunds, share his reviews on the products purchased, invite friends and receive additional commissions when buying from friend.

How it works

To enhance the information received, I propose to consider a small example of user interaction, for example, some fashion stores use the SESSIA system.
You decide to buy clothes, pay and receive goods for it, as well as checking that contains a special code. The seller scans this code via SESSIA, then the system determines the customer ID and takes it to his social network a complete purchase transaction, cash accumulation, as well as accumulated from the commission received from suggestions for his friends. Everything works very fast, and most importantly with high quality and without any difficulties.

Details about ICO

As I mentioned earlier, inside the system will operate their own internal token, named - KIKCs. This token is based on the ERC20 currency standard, developed on the basis of the Ethereum block chain because it has several advantages that can ensure the safety and reliability of the development of this project, as well as contribute to transparency and predictability of the development of the entire project.
A total of 100 million coins will be issued. If the unsold tokens will be burned in the ICO, each of these coins is supported by a smart contract. The presence of a smart contract provides a guaranteed payment for all refunds and other commission fees for all members of the SESSIA system.
The distribution of the token is as follows. :


The SESSIA project is an ideal commercial project between entrepreneurs (brands) and their customers (buyers). Finally, all entrepreneurs need their goods to be bought and bought. And all the buyers need is a reward for their choice and feel the benefits they can bring to their families and friends by introducing one or more other favorite products on my social network.
The idea of ​​SESSIA is very interesting so I decided to write a review about this project. But please note that my review content is for informational purposes only and it does not encourage your actions. If you want to go further, I recommend you research this project yourself more carefully. You can consult SESSIA resources through the links below.

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