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Blockchain provides a decentralized repository on the cloud platform. Files and data after being uploaded to the cloud of the blockchain will be scattered into many pieces and spread across multiple nodes. The data will continue to be encrypted at each node, only you (the data owner) will have the key to open the data.

Therefore, personal information and data stored on these decentralized networks cannot be hacked, altered, or even readable because they are now a very small piece of the original. Blockchain also creates several other copies to avoid losing or deleting data.

Companies like Sia and Storj are perfect examples of using blockchain in cloud storage. These two companies even encourage and pay users to hire their extra hard drive traffic to reduce storage costs and increase bandwidth, capacity and security. This method is similar to whether you rent rooms through Airbnb or ridesharing with Grab and Uber.

However, with the growing demand for storage, the big men are almost overloaded. And are you looking for a new library that allows you to upload a large file to store and share files online with your friends? Fortunately, we have a new library that is . So what are

About the library
image.png library is a peer-to-peer library based on blockchain for free and useful content that will provide a unique place to publish and store useful files of all types. Using this platform, anyone can publish files that they think have some value. These files will be stored on a hybrid non-centralized network to ensure fast download speeds and uninterrupted access to files, even if no online seeding machines or primary servers are down. . Users will be able to receive tokens for useful work - uploading, organizing, tagging files - and will be able to spend them to buy legitimate copyrighted files, increasing private storage or exchange them for other additional services.

In the current online file sharing service, they address key issues such as:

Non-competitive legal options for illegal file sharing, data preservation are not enough for future generations and limited use of file sharing. To solve these problems, they want to create the Library (FFL) - legal and free to use digital file libraries to provide services to the society where people can conveniently search, Accessing and sharing useful content online with copyright is done right away.

By creating FFL, they will enable the great usefulness of community-supported P2P networks and eliminate the shortcomings that exist: Allow Internet users to access free and paid content for free Easy and legal way. Author rewards for their work. Allow community members to receive remuneration to perform useful work to store digital heritage for the benefit of current and future Internet users.

They will do that by deploying: The storage platform supported by the decentralized community can be expanded. Correct and feasible business model. Blockchain is a distributed, transparent read-only database to enable fast and micro-payments, copyright archiving, performing useful work and distributing rewards To develop FFL, they will use the facility The technology of the existing cloud storage platform they created in 2008 and has continuously improved to this day.

User benefits based on Blockchain-based Value Exchange

Because the FFL function will depend heavily on user resources and work, it is clear that users must be motivated to share their work and resources. FFL will motivate users to invest their time and resources by rewarding them. For rewards and sales of user services, FFL will use its own electronic money - FFM token - will be based on the FFL chain to ensure fairness, transparency and traceability of dung. value distribution and revenue distribution. Rewards will be given to users in FFM token proportional to shared resources or work done.

FFM notification codes can also be purchased by direct purchase. The token can be purchased through various payment methods in both decentralized and centralized exchange. But the real power of FFM tokens lies in the ability to be used to reward, ie being donated from origin to other users who ensure the success of the platform. Instead of buying online, you can also make money your way. Users can earn Token by performing valuable tasks for the FFL platform, for example: organizing and tagging content or providing P2P storage services. They can then use the Token to gain more access, power and status on the FFL platform, resulting in an endless cycle of work and rewards.

Information about tokens

Product tokens are planned to be deployed via the private Ethereum blockchain utilizing Plasma technology, smart contracts and Raiden Payment channels. The main purpose of a separate blockchain is to have a quick and inexpensive payment / transaction in the ecosystem. Connecting to the main Ethereum network will be paid by

The total supply of native FFM tokens will equal 10 billion tokens. The price of the token during the public crowdsale campaign will be 0.01 dollars. Of which, 34% will be reserved for development, 28% for infrastructure, 23% for marketing, the rest will be allocated for salaries, offices, and legal services and consulting.

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The biggest problem when using centralized servers is heavy load, a failure and trouble or latent downtime, while files on P2P networks often do not have any browsers or can become unreliable. They use decentralized technology to ensure fast download and upload speeds and files are still accessible even if the server stops working or does not have a peer. To make file access more convenient, FFL users will be able to watch videos directly from the site without downloading, using decentralized streaming technology. Therefore, this is a great project that deserves us to take the time to learn about it. To better understand please visit the links below:


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