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No Seal, NO Deal

                  Are you  keen on  brands and can not imagine your life without goods of high quality? I guess there are a lot of people who are waiting impatiently for a new version of phones or tablets or some fashionable handbags, purses or watches to appear. Do you think you can distinguish between a fake thing  and an original one? I am glad if so. But nowadays people are making  for  a living doing not always the right thing. Such bad words as counterfeit,fraud and forgery do not surprise us at all, the same can be said about thefts. These kinds of crime can happen with everyone, no matter how old you are, what social status you have and it does not depend on your current work or state. What can we do to avoid being deceived? There should be  a helpful way out for fight against counterfeiting. I have been searching for it for ages, and finally I found it. And it is called SEAL.
    Seal is the authentication system of a brand rotating around blockchain technology, digital currency, a mobile application and NFC chips. The Seal system includes implementation of the NFC chip in products, and then by means of a mobile application for scanning of a code for verification of presence of this NFC chip. Users and the enterprises can use Seal for authentication of any type of a product. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Let’s find out the main components of Seal platform to understand how it works

  • The first component is a built-in Seal chip which identifies physical products.
  • The second part is a Seal application installed on compatible to the NFC smartphone.
  • The third point is a Seal Marker which allows different parts of the platform.
  • The fourth and, maybe the most important component is The Seal network , which is the invariable database of chains where each transaction is registered and checked by its nodes.

In other words, you need to download a free application for scanning your future purchases.Next step, you go to a shop and see some product marked with “Seal”, start your program and bring the phone to the chip. Your inquiry will be processed for a couple of minutes. And at last,you will get an extensive report with date and place of production,information on authenticity and even its current location. That’s awesome, to my mind. You will be confident that you are buying the brand. If you lose something or somebody dares to steal a valuable thing from you, It will be found soon owing to Seal markers.

Team Behind the Seal Project

**Bart Verschoor
Chief executive officer and founder**

“Working on a task is one thing, but doing something truly worthwhile is another.”-Bart Verschoor
Seal is Bart’s brainchild.Bart makes up creative ideas and tests them using sophisticated data driven methods. He is an expert dealmaker with vast international business development experience at Dell, Bloomsix and Deloitte.

Joris Verschoor Chief operating & technical officer and founder

“I began writing code at six and I was active in the demoscene in the 1990s.”
Joris Verschoor

Joris is a technology leader and visionary with deep technical abilities that have enabled him to successfully identify market opportunities for innovation and guide mere concepts through the complete process to delivery of full-featured market-ready products.

    Seal Team has a highly professional staff having a wealth of experience in such well-known companies as Nokia, Dell, Microsoft and NXP. NXP is the biggest NFC chips provider in the world. So, there is no need to worry about operability of chips, they are the best ones.

To conclude it all, I would like to admit that Seal is created to protect us from counterfeit and it takes care about all creators in the world, special attention is given to brands, of course. Because, as it is said, “A great brand is a story that never stops unfolding.” Our aim is to continue its story and don’t give anybody a chance to affect its reputation.

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