Uptrennd is unique and has a lot to offer as a very new platform.

Uptrennd is unique and has a lot to offer as a very new platform. They are growing at a very steady rate and are the smallest of the bunch but have a very strong and engaged community. Mind you when compared to the majority of other blockchain socials outside this review, it does better than most. Some of the best features are the gamified approach, earning potential, ease of use, the effectiveness of boosting and organic reach. The biggest thing that Uptrennd is missing right now is the ability to withdraw which I’ve been assured is coming very soon so I am very excited and anticipative of that. The other big gripe I had was that is that you must pay to create communities and they can only be related to the crypto niche currently which is essentially their tags/topics/categories or whatever you want to call it, their post filtering system. They will be coming out with the ability to create free ones eventually and will open community creation for all topics. They are still very much in beta, testing, and developing. I think the issues I’ve listed all have had plans in place to be dealt with soon so I am very hopeful that this platform will be huge. Their coin is supposed to be worth $0.05 per 100 points on the platform, but again we can’t be fully in until we know we have the ability to withdraw our points and they are truly utilizing the power of crypto and not just like DLive with their Lino points.
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