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It's no secret that the crypto-currency world has long ceased to be something wild and incomprehensible for a large number of people. As it seems to me, the myth that cryptocurrencies are a kind of soap bubble that was created specifically to undermine our global financial economy has long been dispelled. But this is far from true. After all, the main purpose of cryptography is to deprive our financial system of various bureaucratic techniques that they use regularly in relation to us. After all, cryptocurrencies with their smart contracts seek to minimize the number of parties involved in the transaction between the two market participants, while reducing all possible transaction fees and commissions, which are simply teeming with our traditional financial world. As for me, this is just a noble cause, because we have long ceased to be the owners of our assets, as the lion's share of our income will still take away the state and the banking system to which we all belong.

Blockchain technology, rising to the sun, with its new digital elements and accompanying smart contracts, intends to destroy this vicious circle. What is symbolized by the active actions of various countries and States to introduce these elements in their daily processes.

Of course, many countries are afraid to actively change outdated principles and rules, not letting new technologies to their doorstep. Nevertheless, I think this question is still open, since the advantages of blockchain are obvious and it is foolish to deny. It is therefore only a matter of time before we all move into one big decentralized world.

The conceptual idea that will be discussed today is very new and individual throughout the cryptographic space. If I'm wrong, you can easily correct me in the comments. But still, I like the idea of a meet for the first time and incredibly enjoy it. Since this project will be able not only to demonstrate the effectiveness and ease of use of modern technologies, but once again to prove to all of us that it is possible. The main thing is to want to move in this direction. So, I'll leave you to torment his long Preface, meet – Invech.

About the project

If we speak in simple language, Invech is a new cryptocurrency exchange.


But do not rush to snort, claiming “again another exchange.” That's not so. Moreover, Invech is something more than a regular cryptocurrency exchange. As the causes that precede its occurrence are of an entirely different nature than the other cryptocurrency exchanges. What do I mean?! It's simple. Once upon a time, the territory of Timor-Leste underwent various military actions and the accompanying oppression of all the people living there. After that, this area has fallen into some decline and to recover in the traditional way it is extremely difficult. The current government of Timor-Leste has therefore decided to re-establish an enabling environment for its region through the mass decentralization of the entire territory. On what they received licensed approval from major leading businessmen, such countries as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. At the moment, this project has already received 9 such licenses for the development of its business in all possible directions. Now, we come to the main element accompanying all this great history of the emergence of Invech.

Advantages and features

Like any other exchange Invech intends to develop its internal token INVECH. Thanks to which the residents of Timor-Leste will finally be able to get rid of the ever-growing inflation and the need to use other people's traditional Fiat currencies. Therefore, with the advent of INVECH, residents of Timor-Leste will be able to receive an influx of new investments, as well as to develop their local small and medium businesses. This will have a positive impact on the overall development of the entire region and the local population. In addition to the business areas, Invech's founding team intends to expand the capabilities of its token and start using it even in such areas as health care, insurance, e-Commerce, education and many other things that directly relate to our daily lives.


Moreover, Invech intends to become an excellent public example of how society, through new sustainable models and associated blockchain services, will be able to build a strong economic model, as well as to support all this with its transparent, stable and high incomes.


Of course the idea Invech fundamental. Not every project has such scope and desires. Nevertheless, it is important to draw your attention once again to the fact that this project already has a large number of licenses to ensure that it is implemented in all legal norms and laws. Moreover, the project itself will serve as an excellent example of how with the help of modern tools and technologies people “society” will be able to communicate effectively with each other, while eliminating many social and economic problems. After all, there are many regions like Timor-Leste. Just look at the countries of the middle East, where for more than a decade of military activity is leading all the domestic economies of countries and States in severe decline and destruction.

Therefore, to all those who are not indifferent to the fate of such ideas and projects, I strongly recommend to delve into its study in more detail. To do this, I have at the end of this article picked up all the available official social resources Invech. For which you will be able to continue your journey. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

Official resources of the project Invech:


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