Crystal Clear Services (CCS) - pre-ICO 31July 2017 - join the REVOLUTION in offline local services

Did you ever come across the unfair customer or performer? Did you receive unsatisfactory result from time to time? With the advent of our service you will be able to forget about it.

Crystal Clear Services (CCS) is a guarantee of positive experience from cooperation with local services.
Blockchain – is the technology of storing information which allowed us to rethink totally the partnership and to bring them to the new level of quality and transparency!
Just imagine the local services without any false responses, the bought reputation or fraud. Now it is real.

Everything you was only possible to dream earlier is becoming possible with Crystal Clear Service:

  1. Real reputation, responses and recommendations
  2. Transparency of all transactions and prices
  3. Open history of transactions and the performed works
  4. The decentralized system of services
  5. Absence of intermediaries and a possibility of discussion of services with the final performer before the order - Free Image Hosting
Crystal Clear Services is starting pre-ICO at 31 July 2017 12:00 UTC with +50% Bonuses
Join the REVOLUTION in offline local services!
Visit our ICO site:

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