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Crystal Clear - making a revolution in offline local services

Crystal Clear Services brings a revolutionary future and the latest technologies from the online industry to offline local services, which everyone uses on a regular basis and inevitably faces serious problems of lack of organization and non-transparency of the existing system of services.
Having more than 12 years of experience and already based on the existing system of providing services to the public, we know how to change this market and dramatically increase the quality and volume of services using the latest technologies: Blockchain, Solidity.Etherium, IPFS.
The future and the technologies coming with it are already on the threshold of our home and will soon change all aspects of our real life. In all major cities, offline services to the public have long been on the Internet and now it is the turn of the next spurt that Crystal Clear Services is planning.

The market and the problems of the participants

The market of freelance online services is designed and used mainly for people engaged in business or in IT technology, and this is only about 18% of people, but offline local services are used, to varying degrees, by virtually all 100% of the population.

For example, the market volume of cleaning services to the population in Russia is more than 1,000,000,000 $ per year, and in the US its over 17,000,000,000 $ and the growth potential of these services is more than 20% per year.
And this is only cleaning, but there are lots of other services such as cargo transportation, construction work, equipment repair, care of the adjacent territory, etc. Out of the market for offline local services to the public at a completely unattainable level compared to freelancing.
Undoubtedly, each of the people used these services and often faced unscrupulous performers who unreasonably inflate their prices, do their work very badly, or even spoil your belongings.
In the existing system, it is rather difficult to find a governing body for such performers, since feedback about them is not published or deleted, and the reputation can now be easily adjusted for money.
In this situation, in order to find a suitable and conscientious master, it takes a huge amount of time to study the issue at the popular search engines, which, as everyone knows, in the first positions are not exhibiting the best in quality, but those who paid more.
We have to find out and read reviews about the performers, who, in most cases, are custom-made and have no relation to reality. The search begins on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. But still you never know who exactly will have to admit to your house or who to entrust his property.
On the reverse side, it is almost impossible for the contractor to prove that he completed the work on time and with the appropriate quality, there is always a risk that an unscrupulous customer simply does not pay for the service, citing fictitious shortcomings and bad quality of service.
Participants in the offline services market are subject to constant risks of not receiving the expected result, which undoubtedly hinders further rapid growth of services to the population.
We are sure that with the advent of the platform for ordering services to the public, which will be really reliable and transparent for all participants, the number of people ready to order these services will undoubtedly increase many times, and the quality will always be on top.

And such a platform is Crystal Clear Services!

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