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Hello, I am glad to welcome you again, my dear friend, in my blog. Today we will talk with you about a unique project that actually represents an innovative research holding that provides opportunities for marketing and technology research, but let's take a closer look at everything.

Tecracoin concept

TecraCoin is a platform that is based on blockchain technology, which contributes to security and makes it possible to use a lot of automated solutions that give you the opportunity to increase your own TCR status. Cryptocurrency will become an inventory independent of the centralized unit that governs the fund.
One way or another, technologies make our world better, cleaner, progressive and simpler. But technologies are developing continuously and just because of this, the world needs a project like TecraCoin. It is intended to rationalize this non-convertible process and identify the role in the modification of civilization. Tecra team - created a web-based platform to raise money, which will help to commercialize the highest-class proprietary technologies. By applying a blockchain-based distributed ledger, TecraCoin can provide indisputable investments based on TecraCoin.
Tecra has a lot of investment experience and good relationships. Due to this, virtually any plan will become a guarantee that it will be useful, and will bring greater profits to its own players. Tecra uses blockchain technology, thanks to which all users get rid of long, difficult and tedious legal advice. Blockchain guarantees perfect safety of investment capital and its implementation. All movements on the investment state are checked at any step, thanks to the blockchain.

Benefits of TeсraCoin

Firstly, it should be noted that TecraCoin has the possibility of functional assistance of real production companies, though in its essence, the blockchain itself is more closely considered as an aid society. They are not far from the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto with a distribution blockchain. The coin operates according to the PoW technology, which is considered not only interesting to the miners, but it also fairly distributes the award. In a single, TecraCoin, this is one of the small number of cryptocurrencies that act on this technology. And because of it there is a profitable business firm (the planned introduction of graphene factories and the formation of graphene technologies and honey technologies in the future).

How it works?

Tecra Platform Investment Fund works on the following principle:

  • Acquiring TecraCoin cryptocurrency, investors will allocate funds for technology projects that are already operational and ready for sale.
  • Tecra advice and business advisors to the Tecra platform carefully select promising projects, and ask the Tecra platform community to vote for it.
  • All voting passes through the wallet, and selected projects receive funding for implementation.
  • Tecra Ltd. Creates a special vehicle that will advertise the project, thereby giving impetus to sales of the product of this project.
  • After the investment, Tecra makes a profit from the project that she is promoting.
  • Investors in TecraCoin will have the right to sell it, or to block it through the so-called smart contract for a certain period of time, and receive remuneration for it.
  • Shares of technology companies that are developed on the Tecra platform can be bought with TecraCoin on very favorable terms.
  • Tecra will periodically buy TecraCoins from the market, distributing 30% -70% of its profits. Thereby, adjusting the price (so that there is no rapid price drop).
  • For subsequent projects developed on the platform, Tecra will release TecraCoin (TCR) as part of ICO, to raise funds.

Source of information

You can find out more about this project at official site. Where are both a roadmap and a brief statement of the project and of course there is a whitepaper in which you can get into the essence and concept of this project in more detail and deeply. Also on the official information channels you can get all the latest information about the development of this project.

| WEBSITE | Whitepaper | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BitcoinTalk ANN | YouTube |


Here is our review and came to an end. At the end I would like to say purely my opinion about this project. I consider the project worth of attention and time, it is worth considering it in more detail as an investment, yet the project has an existing and well-developed business model. And if the team implements all the declared capabilities of tecracoin, this can significantly change the value of this project.


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TecraCoin address: TLs32DMfDN7TxjjY5diaukSCAf4AuH7ELf

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