Sidera - Wearing the Future. Concept

The modern world is difficult to imagine without computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. With their help we communicate, have fun, make purchases and earn. But today many people make different purchases even with the help of smart watches or bracelets. Sidera project is going to use smart watches or bracelets on blockchain technology!

The concept of Sidera

Sidera is an innovative platform that, with the help of smart watches or bracelets, makes it possible to make purchases using cryptocurrency and DWD technology. In principle, the name of their unique technology speaks for itself - "Decentralized wearable devices." Based on the technology blockchain. For this technology, in addition to using wearable devices in the form of a watch on the wrist - SIDERA offers:

  • Wrist-to-wrist technology, which will allow you to operate with a cryptocurrency with a single touch of your hands, through an encrypted signal through Bluetoutch or Wi-Fi without the use of servers, routers and similar devices.
  • Simple, convenient, understandable and most importantly safe, a way to manage your own accumulations of cryptocurrency;

The platform features are:

  • This is the first hardware purse with the BitSMART operating system, which is always with you - on your hand - and completely compatible with the blockchain technology;
  • Main cryptocurrency support;
  • Compatibility with ERP-20;
  • A lot of functions - this includes searching for the address of funds transfer, invisible mode "ghost", wristwatch, QR code generator, price notification, trading in currency markets and much more;
  • Losing a wallet with BitSMART does not mean a loss of funds - all your crypto active are protected by multi-layered protection;
  • Compatible with NFS POC - payment is possible in any modern store. In addition, the conversion of the cryptocurrency into the usual money means - USD, EUR, GBP - will happen instantly, and all the necessary information will immediately appear on the screen of the device on your hand;

Author: Zamoh

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