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The traditional payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, cash etc) have not been able to live onto the promise of being a truly universal payment solution. While the system of cash has worked pretty well, the centralized nature of the entire money markets and its dependence on few institutions have led to a large population being very skeptical about the entire system. Newer payment such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency solutions have failed us as they are costly and involve huge transaction fees and are not feasible for your daily payment needs like buying grocery, paying for taxi and other services that one avails on a day to day basis.
MenaPay’s vision is to build a website and mobile based application that will allow the integration of crypto payment solutions onto various websites and support Arabic language on its dashboard.

Conception of the MenaPay

MenaPay brings a 100% monotheism, non-bank propelled course of action, mistreatment modify trades for every piece of step by step life. blockchain to create one cash to be used conflictingly and cross-periphery trades. The relentless advanced money "MenaCash" can run through non-public venture stores with MenaPay tokens. one affiliation could be a response for obliterate dangerousness and to quicken commonplace fund instruments, as an example, credit.
MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods based on blockchain, fully supported crypto currency to provide a secure and transparent payment gateway that allows transactions to be carried out for every aspect of everyday life.
MenaCash, which is 100% supported by US dollars, will be used as the currency for transactions under the MenaPay platform.

Token and ICO

1 MenaCash will always be equal to 1 US dollar, and merchants will be able to make extracts from the MenaPay fund. MenaPay also offers easy-to-use solutions, such as desktop and mobile wallets, integration interfaces and SDKs, reports and a control panel for merchants, all with Arabic user interfaces.
The MenaPay Trading Token is an ERC20 type and will be used to distribute most of the profits and profits of the MenaPay platform, and will also be available for sale by the user.
Supply: 400 000 000 Mpay
Tokens for sale: 256 000 000 Mpay
Price: 1 MPay = 0,165 $
Softcap: 5 000 000 $
Hardcap: 25 000 000 $

Source of information

More details about this project can be found on the official website. Where both the road map and the summary of the project's essence are presented, and of course there is a whitepaper where you can see in more detail and deeply immerse yourself in the essence and concept of this project. Also on the official information channels you can receive all the latest information about the development of this project.

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As a result, it should be noted that the idea of the project is of great interest from investors because the scope of application is very popular and has great demand. In consequence of this, at the moment most of the tokens are already sold out. But it should also be noted that the very idea of the project is very promising and interesting, and the highly qualified project team will be able to bring it to the world level.

And we were happy to help you today, keep an eye on this project and also keep an eye on updates in our blog, our team is working to ensure that you receive only the most recent and relevant ICO. Also we have telegram channel where you can see the express news, ICO reviews, changes in bounty and much more. All the best to you and see you soon.

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