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Currently, the field of e-commerce is developing rapidly. For many business firms, the cryptocurrency and ICO system are the most ideal transaction method. Research shows that most financial and banking industries can switch to blockchain technology today. As a result, the magnitude of the application of this technology in each industry in the near future will increase.
The project team, introducing its own cryptocurrency and working at the expense of the blockchain technology, aims to significantly increase the use of the blockchain by ordinary people, regardless of where they live. ARAW is the very first company worldwide, the main purpose of which is to combine the positive properties of the payment industry and the e-commerce industry. In addition, the project is planning to provide important solutions, a contactless cryptocurrency card, payments of cryptocurrency online and only one reward system. The mission of the project is to become a part of daily payments online and shopping in stores.


Conception of the ARAW

ARAW is an ecosystem with decentralized payment, based on Ethereum Blockchain, which seeks to increase the implementation of blockchain in everyday life around the world. ARAW IS the first company in the world to combine the benefits of e-Commerce and payments industries; to provide end-product solutions for e-Commerce, Cryptocurrency Touch & Pay cards, online cryptocurrency payment and unified reward system on Ethereum Blockchain based on the ARAW token. The purpose of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyday online shopping.
Araw platform eliminates the fundamental problems in the economy of e-Commerce and cryptocurrency. The ARAW token acts as more than a simple reward - as it is used and redeemed for all members of the ARAW ecosystem. In addition, owners ARAW may convert their tokens into fiat currency using the mobile wallet ARAW and return cash back to your Bank account.
Also ARAW token will allow regular customers to participate in the rapidly expanding world of cryptocurrency - bringing benefits to all parties involved. The key factors are the ease of acceptance for the client as reward schemes are already common.
The ARAW token is a utility based token specifically designed for the global E-commerce marketplace. ARAW token works as unified rewards as well as mode of payments for both online and retail outlets.
The Araw Platform offers a practical solution to the problems outlined above as well as the potential to become the practical heart of e-commerce and cryptocurrency combined. It strives to reward shopping with cryptocurrency by exposing the common person to the ARAW token. The key focus of ARAW is giving effortless access to cryptocurrency ownership which comes with potential rise in value - without dealing with any of the underlying complexities which make cryptocurrency unattractive.


Token and ICO

Platform tokens will be used for many purposes on the platform. A total of 5 billion tokens are being produced, 3.5 billion will be available for community purchases. To purchase tokens you need to go through the procedure "know your client". Presales began on July 1. The minimum required to launch a project is $ 2 million, the maximum for a quick launch is $ 25 million.
Token: ARAW(ERC20)
Total tokens 5 000 000 000
Available for token sale: 3 500 000 000 (70%)
Price: 1 ARAW = $0.01
KYC: Yes
Soft cap: 2 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 25 000 000 USD


Sources of information


More details about this project can be found on the official website. Where both the road map and the summary of the project essence are presented, and of course there is white paper in which you can more deeply and deeply immerse yourself in the essence and concept of this project. Also on the official information channels you can receive all the latest information about the development of this project.

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Project participants will receive comprehensive solutions. After that they will be able to use:

  • Card Touch & Pay.
  • Conduct online payments using tokens.
  • Use a single system of rewards, functioning due to the technology of blockchain.

In addition, the created ecosystem of the project will allow each client to easily manage it.
And since this ecosystem will be completely transparent, people from any part of the planet will be able to use it. This will increase the use of the token - crypto currency, the basis of which is the blockchain.

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