Where Cryptocurrency can be spent?

Even though cryptocurrency became a usual word for everybody in last few years and almost everyone can name at least some kinds of it that is still badly understood for ordinary users where and how cryptocurrency can be spent. And in fact have you ever heard that any of your acquaintances bought or sell something for virtual money? I think it will be difficult for you to call to mind the latest time somebody told you that and it's strange if to take into account the popularity of cryptocurrency. But do you know one interesting fact that is still absolutely legal only in one country in the world - in Belarus!

Today every operation with cryptocurrency is connected with high taxes and necessity of withdrawal of it into real money. The other problem is that at the present stage of development cryptocurrency usually belongs to miners, traders and investors which makes almost impossible for ordinary people to use it in everyday life. And one more problem I have already mentioned: cryptocurrency is still illegal almost all over the world. But industry doesn't stay at the place and continue making circulation of “-coins” easier and more accessible. A good example of it is FLOGmall

FLOGmall is an international e-commerce site, created for users from all over the world, selling and buying various products and services for tokens. The project was founded by russian businessman Alexey Khairutdinov in 2016 and it has already earned more than 17 million $. It's main idea is to make the process of trade with cryptocurrency easy for both groups of participants - sellers and buyers.

For sellers they provide the next opportunities:
Access to buyers from all over the world
Savings on commissions of payment systems
Own live store on the finished platform
Wide opportunities for promotion through bloggers
Equal opportunities for all types of sellers at the initial stage of placement on the FLOGmall resource
Access to a new, growing audience of tokens holders with high solvency
Free area with minimum tariffs for additional services
Quick start of sales

For buyers they also provide some good advantages, such as:

Exchange of tokens for goods and services of general consumption
Access to goods and services from around the world
Cashback and discounts for tokens
A unique video platform with live shops
Honest information for each seller
Payment for any altcoin

Like other ICO platforms they offer their investors a discount on it's coin (Mallcoin) up to 600%. Another useful advantage is that with the help of FLOGmall’s service ATES ( automatic service for Mallcoin exchange among takers and users of the platform) before token’s entrance of cryptocurrency market.

Developers plan to emit 250 000 000 Mallcoins. 74% will be sold to the participants of ICO, 10% will be given to the creators, 9% will be used as a reserve fund and 7% will be used as bonus system. The platform is powered by the blockchain of Etherium, so the price of coins is also in it and now it costs 0,0005 ETH.

Flogmall was created by the group of qualified specialists from different countries and spheres who still work on the project to make it better. It also has a big consulting council with professionals in business, IT,and marketing . The creators do everything to make contact with users and potential investors more comfortable. You can use every widespread and popular social networks to contact administrators. The project also has detailed calendar of its development where users can find on what stage is it now.

In the end I will add that some famous publications like Inside Bitcoin, Coin Journal, IoEBusiness etc. But the best way to find out things you want to know is to try it yourself.

Some links for more information:

Website: https://flogmall.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flogmall
Telegram: https://t.me/flogmallen
Whitepaper: https://flogmall.com/wp/

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