Every day millions of people buy and sell things, online shopping and waiting for the next package have become commonplace for everyone. Pakka is a platform on the blockbuster for an integrated market where users and sellers share awards and responsibilities. E-commerce this year can reach a huge figure of 2.4 trillion dollars, which will further increase the demand for logistics. It is expected that US consumers are projected to spend 632 billion dollars before 2020, which is $ 200 billion higher than the figures for 2017. It also plans to grow online consumers from 1.66 billion to 2.14 billion users.
By giving even the most inexperienced users the opportunity to use their own assets (personal vehicle, extra space or free time), in addition to exchanging Pakka tokens for other crypto currencies, Pakka is accepted as a form of payment for receiving parcels. In addition, it provides a conditional cash deposit as security for the last mile's deliveries, effectively and reliably monitoring the storage and delivery of parcels.

The block and exchange economies were combined to create a decentralized platform for delivery on schedule, 7 days a week. Create a market for online buyers, local enterprises for point-to-point delivery of packages (PDP) and local drivers to deliver the last mile, which gives consumers convenience, control and security regarding their deliveries. Pakka block will become the basis for DApps, established to conduct logistics business and last mile services, using Pakka tokens as payment between place from dispatch and delivery.

Installing the NextPakk application, the client receives full control over its sending. You not only decide when to receive the parcel, you control this process yourself, depending on your plans. Instead of customer notes where to leave the parcel or "not to knock loudly at the door", NextPakk technology provides an open communication between the client and the driver delivering your package. This also solves the problem with the service and the support service. Now no one will forget to deliver your parcel. It will also reduce the costs of local businesses and save them a lot of time.

Some information about ICO:
Private Pre-Sale:
Date: 29th March – 30th July
Percentage: 8% of supply
Raise Amount: 12.8 million $
Participants Limits: 20 000$ - 5 million $
Date: 2018 Q3
Raise Amount: 19.2 million $
Participants Limits10$ - 1 million $
Percentage: 12% of supply
Public Sale:
Date: 2018 Q4
Percentage: 30% of supply
Raise Amount: approx. 112 million $
Participants Limits: 10$ - 1 million $

The soft cap of the project is pretty little (3.2 million $), so I think that this amount will be achived in a very short time. The hard cap is ten times bigger, but in my opinion it is not even impossible. So if you want to take part in this ambitious project, better join it as early as possible.

Another weighty argument of joining the project is their pertners. MilitaryToken, DiaspoCare, 256 GL – it’s not a full list of worldwide known companies that support NextPakk. If you want to find some more information about the partners and what is their sphere of work visit the website (you’ll find the link in the end of the review).

If we speak about weighty arguments I necessarily need to tell you some words about the team of the project. It’s usual for the creators of projects like this to have a great team of developers and this one is not an exception. Lowell Fortune, Sergey Tolkachev, Chat Kielty, Ryan Donelon, P.B Stanton and Dileep Kamujula are the people with a great experience of working in IT and other business projects. So you can be sure that your money will be spent wisely.

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