Not a long time ago there has been created a program through which it is possible to exchange one cryptocurrency for another and still use inter-network atomic swaps. This project wants to show the whole world something new and easy in the exchange of cryptocurrencies which will work all over the world. As you could already guess this project is called LightBitAtom.

LightBitAtom is the largest decentralised multi-crypto exchange. As creators describe decentralized means there is no single point of failure. The system is peer-to-peer and trading can not be stopped or censored. Decentralized exchanging will be the future of cryptocurrency trading, as it is necessary for the ecosystem’s financial health and future survival.

As other projects of this kind LightBitAtom has some characteristic structural elements like: its token (LBA), road map, bonuses for investors and ICO. And now I want to tell you a bit more about it.

I have already mentioned that the token is called LBA. Total supply of it is 1 205 000 000 LBA tokens. The price of it is also comfortable enough: 100 tokens for 1$. The token is powered by Etherium. The duration of ICO is planned to be for 3 months. The distribution of tokens looks this way:
87% (1 048 350 000 LBA) for investors
8% (96 400 000 LBA) are pre-reserved tokens
2% (24 100 000 LBA) is a bounty program
3% (36 150) is a private pre-ICO

The sooner you join the project the higher bonus you'll get. In pre-ICO period you'll get twice as much, on the first stage you'll get 50%, on the second - 40%, on the third - 30%. If you join it later you won't get any bonus, so it's a good reason to think about it.

The other useful thing about the project is that they describe what can you do with their tokens:
Membership: To gain premier access to the platform, a member must have a minimum LBA balance. Higher balances will give access to premium levels of service;
Fee payment: Trading fees can be paid with LBA, at a discount to normal rates
Execution priority: The size of a member's LBA holdings will impact their execution priority, resulting in faster execution and lower liquidity costs;
Discounted trading: Large LBA balances provide further discounts to trading fees.

They also give you a piece of advice of how to earn LBA. You can use “buy and hold” strategy or sell them at the exchange after the ICO. So, even this aspect of their work is thought out in the way to make it as easy for users as possible.

You need to understand that LightBitAtom is not a regular cryptocurrency project. They provide for users the next-generation platform with combined lightning network and atomic swap technologies. The other advantage of the platform is its safety. The trustless exchange that takes out a whole host of vulnerabilities and attack surfaces associated with digital asset custody. It also plays a role of a global marketplace for all asset classes and instruments. One more good side of it is that you control all of your assets. Safe-mode transactions available excluding hot-wallet exchange storage. And even if you have any problems you can be sure that you'll get help you need from knowledgeable technical support agents standing by 24/7 to help you troubleshoot, resolve the issue and get you back to trading.

The developers of the project are Dmitry Seliverstov, Denis Maverick, Artem Palkeev, Dmitry Kucherov and Alexandr Nikolaev. Dmitry Seliverstov (CEO) has over 10 years of experience in project and asset management. Managing director in one of the largest manufacturing factories in Russia. Denis (CDO) also has a great work experience in market promotion and business process engineering. At the same time he is a co-founder of WNF Investment Funds. Artem (CFO) has been working for 10 years in the sphere connected to development of new technologies and financial innovations and he is also a Founder of WNF Investment Funds. Dmitry (CTO) Kucherov is an experienced programmer with a great knowledge of IT industry. Master degree in software architecture and network coding. Alexandr is a Smart Contract Engineer with Over 10 years of experience in programming-planning functions and building systems. As you can notice this four men have already been working together and know firsthand how to make money in cryptocurrency business and it helps future investors and users to trust the project even more.

LightBitAtom has already been mentioned in lots of sources about cryptocurrency ( , Cryptovest, Coinstelegram) with positive reviews. Almost all editions converge on opinion that the project has a big future. On its website you can find more information about media the project was mentioned in and about its partners. But, as I usually advice you, the best way to know something about anything is to try it yourself.

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