Nowadays we live in a very fast moving world that makes us think more and more about different ways of making money. The need of communication with people in order to achieve your goals has never felt so strongly. Luckily the internet provides us so much ways to do that and one of these solutions are messengers. WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram are the most popular of them and these services are always the first to name if you ask somebody about what messengers they know, but it doesn't mean that there are only three of them in the world. As you know, demand creates supply and the market of messengers is not an exception. As I already mentioned there are also some really good messengers with a lot of useful functions and today I want to tell you about one of them.


Gem4me is a messenger of a new era. You can ask “If you say that there are so many messengers and most of people choose the most popular of them why do we need to choose this one?”. And the creators tries to answer this question. The creation of it started in 2014 so they had an opportunity to analyze messengers that was created earlier. This fact lets us to understand that the developers used the experience of other projects that helps them to avoid some problems they could face to. The other advantage of this service is that users play a big role in the process of creating and improving the messenger. For the first time in the world, messenger functionality is determined by users; users help test the messenger; users on the principles of crowdinvesting finance the creation of a messenger. A generous referral program allows shareholders of the company to receive income already at the stage of creating a messenger.


The functionality of the service gives us all the advantages that modern social networks and messengers can provide.

The Basic functionality of the Gem includes such things as:
Working with Contacts Book
ndividual, group chats, public chats
Exclusive smiles and stickers
Sending photos, videos and files of any type
Voice messages
Voice connection
Language localization
Complete web version
Mobile advertising

The Basic functionality also has some unique qualities:

  1. Secure communication (messages are not stored on servers, only on gadgets of users)
  2. Significant savings in smartphone battery compared to other messengers
  3. Group and public-chats with unlimited number of participants

  4. Ability to edit and delete sent messages

I have already mentioned that this messenger also has financial instruments that help users to feel all the advantages that the service provides for the business. Using Fintech technologies turns your smartphone into a convenient tool for financial interaction with the world. Based on the latest achievements in Fintech, the developers create the most popular financial services for users like: 

online wallet

instant money transfers without restrictions

the possibility of direct sales and purchases in the application (Marketspace)

the ability to receive cashback for their purchases

exchange of crypto and fiat currencies among themselves

receipt of bank cards, including for purchases and receipt of fiat currencies from a crypto-currency account

One of the best business advantage of Gem4me is their bots. Bots allow you to effectively organize the interaction of customers with a variety of services, from purchases in the messenger (Marketspace) and ending with such popular services as calling a taxi or buying tickets. The universal bot-platform allows to introduce into Gem4me infinitely large number of services and offers from companies and private entrepreneurs. Bots are a universal platform for business from any country.


As you can see Gem4me also has its own marketspace. It is thousands of stores offering countless products and services according to your geolocation. Make quick purchases in Marketspace, based on the ratings and comments of other users.

The unique MakeMoneyBot bot offers all users of the Gem4me instant messenger a quick income, promoting mobile applications of various developers.

Gem4me is a modern high-tech application with the functionality of a premium messenger and unique services. The main developer of the project is the Synesis company (a private research and development company with a development center i which is located in Minsk, Belarus). This company is famous for creating infrastructure platforms such as Kipod Smart City, Synesis Sport, dBrain Platform and many others multimillion projects based on patented technologies in the field of AI, Cloud and Big Data. So, as you can see the qualification of the team of developers leaves no questions and helps investors to be sure that project is as much serious as it possible. The main company that owns intellectual rights to the messenger and customer base is Gem4me Holdings Ltd, Malta. You can become a shareholder of the project and take part in the financing on the website of the investment fund Gem4me Investments Plc, Malta.

The project has already been mentioned in mass media with most of positive reviews. To find more information visit this links:

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