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Cryptocurrency is probably the most fast-developing sphere of internet economic. The other interesting thing about it is that this sphere develops without any help of any state in the world. Businessmen, developers, programmers and ordinary users from all over the world do everything they can to make operations with virtual currency easier and more comfortable for everybody. And now we can see that the progress goes by leaps and bounds and nowadays cryptocurrency became usual thing and even governments of different countries are seriously engaged in the development of legislation connected to this part of economics on the Internet.

When there appears any kind of asset, there also need to be a place where this assets can be sold and bought. And it's good when there is not only one place of this kind. And this places are markets. And because cryptocurrency carries out functions of money, it also has markets where it circulates among people. And today I want to tell you about one worthy representative of this kind of markets.

Tydo ( website: ) is a modern multifunctional platform designed efficient interactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. Tydo is not just market, but a full-scale internet blockchain platform that provides users the following products:
Trading Terminal with automation capabilities and built-in technical indicators.
Marketplace for exchanging trading strategies and ideas, as well as automation solutions, between TYDO users with TYD token.
Social Trading Platform will enable users to create a smart investing community by sharing trading and investing experience, and networking with each other. Experienced traders will be able to share their trading signals based on trading ideas or strategies, their portfolio structure and trading history.

On the project's website ( ) you can already try demo version of trading terminal. Even though it’s just a demo it provides for users the interface that is pleasant for the eye , but it is not the main advantage of the product. I think the best thing about it is that you can feel all the best sides of future full version like comfortable order book, order form and public script.

The only currency that will be used on the platform is TYD token which is powered by Etherium. Its price now is 1 ETH for 12 000 tokens. Bot the project gives a huge bonus for those who will buy tokens in pre-sale period another in first 3 weeks of mail-sale period. If you join it in pre-sale period you get 25% bonus (15 000), in the first week of main sale you'll get 15% (13 800) , then 10% (13 200) and then 5% (12 600). In my opinion it's a good reason to join project as soon as possible if you are interested. 200,000,000 TYD are planned to be issued and 140,000,000 are planned to be offered.TYD Token will give access to TYDO Statistics Portal, where TYDO will publish relevant data and information, which guarantees full transparency.

The project also has a road map described in details. On this map you can find plans that are already realised like founding a website in 2017 Q 3-4 and the start of pre-sale in 2018 Q-2. Future plans are promising and inspiring. After the start of public sale the creators want to make Tydo Statistics platform, release Tydo wallet and mobile app.

The co-founders of Tydo are Andrew Burmitskii (CTO) and Anton Sokolovsky (CEO). Both of them have a great experience of investment and working in cryptocurrency industry. Andrew is a founder and CEO of Digital Hanger - a professional full service IT company that specializes in web solutions and custom application development. Anton is a famous business analyst and consultant that has graduated the University of Agder (Norway). Together they assembled a team a team of specialists that gave us a great project with a big future.

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The future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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