So much time has passed since the moment of entering our everyday life by cryptocurrency, but even for experienced users there are a lot of troubles to understand all the information about the sphere of this kind of this mean of payment. The industry develops so fast that even experts of internet economic can't follow all the new cryptocurrencies, markets and technologies connected to this sphere. And if it's difficult for them to do that, how can a common person open this world for him- or herself without any special knowledge? I think it's a good question, but as I already said the industry of cryptocurrency develops probably faster than any other industry on the internet and some companies are already trying to answer this question and to solve the problem in the best way. Today I want to tell you about one of the projects that tries to make the “cryptoworld” easier for you - Cryptassist.

Cryptassist is not a usual cryptocurrency market or stock exchange. It's a unique platform which gives users all the necessary instruments for cryptocurrency operations. This conception shows us the best solution of the problem of lack of knowledge for entering cryptocurrency market. The instruments I told you before are also different from what other projects provide:

Debit card. Have you ever heard about a debit card for cryptocurrency? Cryptassist gives you this brilliant opportunity. You can replenish it with 50 most popular cryptocurrency and they will be converted to fiat money. The other great advantage is that this card can be used in every terminal in the world.

The platform will also have its own crowdfunding source called Cryptstarter that will help users to earn money for their perspective projects.
The creators of the project also develop its own fully licensed cryptocurrency stock exchange. The advantage of it is that those who use CTA (the project's coin) will pay lower comission. So in this way developers try to make its coin more popular and comfortable to use.
Multi-Coin Block Explorer will help users not to waste time on looking for history of transactions of different coins.
The creators of the project also want to make using of the platform more interesting. They present CryptoGo - an app on Virtual Reality technology where you can earn cryptocurrency.
The other useful offer of Cryptassist is Cryptassist Philanthropy Innovation - a free app that gives an opportunity to send money on charity.
There is also some good news for the freelancers - the platform provides them an opportunity to sell their skills and earn some coins.
Two percent of the total funds raised during the ICO will be donated and split between international ocean conservation and reforestation non-profit organizations. Join our ICO and help us contribute to healing our planet.

These functions sounds really great, but don't think that there's nothing more interesting. The possibility of making cryptocurrency a mean of payment for everyday life has been visiting most of programmers and creators since it become wide-known around the world. And this idea has also visited the team that is working on the Cryptassist. They offer their users this opportunity by presenting the market and catalogue of thousands of products they can buy.

“Knowledge is a power” says the slogan of the project. And you understand this quotation of Francis Bacon in the best way when they give so much of information and knowledge. The developers took care of providing for users such opportunities as comparison of currencies, analysis of social networks, integration with CoinMarketCap that helps you the situation on the cryptocurrency market. Cryptassist has a special base of information called Cryptopedia where you can find everything about websites, forums, blogs that are connected to the cryptocurrency

I have already mentioned the project's coin - CTA. CTA is a decentralized coin operating on its own patented blockchain. CTA can be used for daily purchases and services on the Cryptassist platform.The initial sale of coins (ICO) will take place from June 28, 2018 to August 11, 2018.There will be a maximum of 10.2 BN CTA. 6.75 BN CTA will be sold during the ICO and 250 million CTA will be reserved for the bonus program. (Bounty, Airdrop). 1.5 BN CTA will be reserved for the team (these coins will be blocked within 6 months). The other thing I want to add is that the founders decided to make a gift for investors: for every 250$ you'll get a ticket that gives you an opportunity to become an owner of Tesla Roadster. So if you want not only to take part in big project but also to find out if you are a lucky person it's better to join it now.

The team of the project consists of 16 qualified specialists of different spheres. The CEO of Cryptassist is Henri Oostebring. Henri is the CEO of Cryptassist. With an involvement in cryptocurrencies as an investor, trader and miner almost from the start, his knowledge of crypto ecosystems is without peer. Henri possesses an extensive background in business development, marketing and communications. The CTO is Imran Rahman. Imran is the Chief Technical Officer at Cryptassist, an industry leading solutions architect, Imran is on the cutting edge of IT operations. Methodical, execution oriented and passionate about leading his team to ensure that Cryptassists functional requirements are met, his knowledge of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, emerging technologies and methodologies to develop new or improve existing systems is without peer. You can be sure that other teamsters are really experienced persons with a great knowledge, but to if it's not enough, visit it's website (link in the end).

My opinion about the Cryptassist is totally positive. Accessible and understandable information of the project, hundreds of mentioning in different media, such technical partners as Mobiloitte and allcoinWiki, great team of developers make trust not only new users, but also experienced members of cryptocurrency market. I think the best thing about it is that the creators decided to work in so many lines of business instead of choosing one. Their great work gives us a possibility to make operations in one source without looking for lots of them and wasting our time. Actually we can hardly find something like this on the internet. So, in my opinion the project is very ambitious and deserves to try it.

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The project seems very promising, I saw a lot of famous people among the team

27.07.2018 16:40

Красиво написано, мало кто сейчас пишет так что б хотелось снова перечитать. Я подписался на ваш блог, надеюсь на взаимность.

27.07.2018 22:04

Интересная статья! я тоже много слышал об этой компании

28.07.2018 20:08

Хорошо написано! Спасибо за статью! Думаю у проекта есть будущее

29.07.2018 09:53

Perspective project!

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29.07.2018 22:53

Is any news about partnerships?

30.07.2018 14:38

Thank you for good job. This project is real cool!

30.07.2018 17:31

Many information about this interesting project, thanks

30.07.2018 18:45

очень грамотный обзор! информация была для меня очень полезной. Присмотрюсь внимательнее к проекту.

30.07.2018 19:17

Thanks for the review, I saw their website and study the whitepaper, everything looks quite promising and solid

31.07.2018 17:50