Can we see Agriculture and Cryptocurrency in one sentence?

Sounds surprisingly, doesn't it? At first sight it can even seem like incompatible things. But in fact it’s more real than you can imagine. Such large-scale socio-economic phenomenon as cryptocurrency has no opportunity to pass by so important sphere of human life like agriculture. But actually some people still hardly understand how can cryptocurrency, blockchain and agriculture work together to make our lives better. Maybe tomatoes or potatoes can become a real good alternative of virtual money. Of course it's just a joke, but let's try to take this question seriously.

It's difficult to deny that cryptocurrency has already penetrated into all aspects of our life, but it's still a big question how can sphere that is so far from the internet use it to to facilitate the developments in it. Most of us have thought that there is nothing to improve in it, but, as we'll find out it's not the truth at all.

PAVO - it is a trading platform with a vertical structure for agriculture. This structure looks this way: farmers sends its production to the PAVO market and get Pavocoins ( tokens of PAVO). Then individual consumers like families, restaurants, shops and businessmen buy this fresh natural products for Pavocoins. And there is one more group of participants of this structure : universities and companies. How will they take part in this process? That's how: they will buy information about harvest for Pavocoins.

This structure provides really useful opportunities for all participants of PAVO market. Consumers will be able to get more qualitative products. Farmers will get higher results by using better agricultures. Universities and companies will also get an opportunity to get and use unique information as soon as possible. So many advantages mean that millions of transactions with Pavocoins will be realized per year and this circulation of tokens will be profitable for everybody because it helps to develop the platform at all.

PAVO is not only an online market - it is also a system which helps to perform the following functions in farming:
Recording and monitoring production practice in real time with the help of PAVO platform (IoT);
Recording, compiling a report and analysis of the whole process: from planting to registering sprouts and sending the product;
Determination of expenses and calculation of labor productivity for the optimization of human resources;
Easy measurement and tracking of the growing process from any point

As every platform based on blockchain PAVO has it's cryptocurrency that helps to make transactions in it much easier.The platform's currency is called Pavocoin which is powered by Etherium. The minimum purchase amount of Pavocoin is 500$. It should be noted that total token supply is 200 000 000 tokens, but total supply available for the crowd-sale is 100 000 000 tokens. Some of them will be sold on pre-sale phase, some will be given to the creators. A big amount of tokens will be used on generation phase. The rest will be used as different reserves and bonus systems.Public pre-sale has started at April 27, 2018 and will be finished at August 6, 2018. If you buy tokens in this period you get bonus 33% on each dollar. So if you are interested in this project it is the best time to try it.

The PAVO developers is a great team of about 30 specialists of different spheres. The founders of the project are Erhan Cakmak and Allan Young. Erhan is a top-manager with a big experience of working and management in international corporations. He has also been the president of Bright Pattern company that provided contact center services in the Silicon Valley. He is also a co-founder and president of PAVO. Allan is also a co-founder of the project with experience in direct investments and working in also mentioned Silicon Valley. So investors of PAVO and users can be sure that such experienced founders hired the same qualified staff of workers.

Mass media of USA, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Turkey and some other countries have already noticed PAVO. The project also has good reviews from such famous specialists as Keith Spears (Heritage Impact Partners), Nick Evdokimov (ICOBox), Jeff Burton (Electronic Arts). The project's partners are also some popular companies like Cryptinite, Sideman Bancroft, Paul Hastings etc

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with your words this is quite a promising project! investment in such projects should be of great benefit

21.07.2018 10:12

Красиво написано, мало кто сейчас пишет так что б хотелось снова перечитать. Я подписался на ваш блог, надеюсь на взаимность.

21.07.2018 22:40

Хороший проект .Интересная идея ,думаю вложусь на долгосрок

22.07.2018 11:25

Great project, thanks for the information!

23.07.2018 11:36

Интересный проект. Спасибо за обзор

24.07.2018 06:52

What is the minimum amount for investing?

24.07.2018 11:26

The project promises to be successful. I believe in the idea of the project, in the team and I hope they will all turn out in the formation of a new future.

25.07.2018 19:43

ive seen many projects trying to implement blockhain into agriculture... let's see what these guys are capable of) thanks for the review

26.07.2018 09:13

Very good article, do you know anything about the funds participating in the project?

26.07.2018 10:23

Очень интересный и поробный обзор , как обстоят дела со сбором средств?

26.07.2018 11:57