SprintX - Review of ICO

SprintX is a new decentralized platform for private entrepreneurs, which will help them launch and run a start-up (or ICO on their platform) using crypto currency.
Also, the platform acts as a crypto-exchanger, and, which is quite important, the platform will have its own debit card, thanks to which you can convert crypto currency into fiat.

About the Platform:

How will the platform work? When a businessman will apply for help in the implementation of his start-up on the platform, the following three phases will be carried out with their components: development, integration, conversion. In the first phase, the following steps will be taken: you will present your idea, after which the platform team (which we'll talk about later) will create a smart contract with you, and help you to "plant" your project for blocking, after which the ICO will be created. In the integration phase, automatic integration of tokens and assistance in the development of the project will be conducted. In phase 3, your purse associated with the bank will be created, so you will receive your debit card.
The platform will also have its own academy, which will train people in various branches of finteh, IoT, applications, 3d-print, robotics and others. Also, the project will have its own campus, to unite people into teams and work on any projects in one place. And, of course, the project has its own incubator, in which your ideas will become real projects and will soon bring you profit.
The main advantages of the platform are assistance in creating a smart contract and using the blocking mechanism, having its own exchanger, and, thanks to this, putting your tokens on the stock exchange listing right away on the project creation (ICO), and, of course, plus the fact that the platform provides you a debit card with which you can make an instant conversion of crypto currency into a smart card.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

A total of 299 million platform tokens are generated. To sales (or purchases) will be available 254 million tokens. With this for 1 ether, you can buy 1112 platform tokens - SPTX. The minimum required to run the platform is 18 thousand ethers. The main stage of sales will last from May 24 to June 21.


65% will be available during public sales, 12% for business development, 10% for the project team, 10% for advisors, 2% for developers and 1% for bounty.

On account of the distribution of collected funds, part of the tokens will be directed to conclude cooperation with 6 banks in different countries (for a debit card), including Switzerland. If we describe the percentage distribution, we can say the following: 60% goes to the capitalization of SprintX, 24% to NOVA fund and legal expenses, 10% to develop the platform itself, 5% to purchase property and necessary equipment and 1% to management and the team.


At the expense of the project development plan, the following can be said: in August 2017, the conceptualization of the project idea was conceptualized and the development of their exchanger or exchange began. In September, Whitepaper was created. In October - planning of financial expenses. In November, the planning and creation of the ICO. In December, contacts were established with potential clients and project advisers.
In January 2018 - the official site of the ICO was launched. In early March, a smart platform contract was ready and on March 19 private sales began. April 1, the demo version of the exchange was launched, on April 10 - private sales were completed, on April 27 - the generation of smart contracts. May 3 - launch of pre-sales, which will last until May 17. May 18 - the beginning of the application of LLC and the conclusion of contracts with banks. Also on the 18th the first smart contract generator will start functioning. On May 24, the main stage of sales will be launched and on June 4 the first version of the SwitchX exchange will be launched. June 21 - completion of the main sales.In conclusion, I want to say that this project is really useful. It will help launch a lot of projects and bring them to great profit. In addition, the platform provides a convenient exchange of crypto currency for Fiat with the help of debit cards, which will also be of interest to many investors. For more detailed acquaintance with the project you can read the information document. 


Symbol Token SPRINTX: SPTX
The Standard Token: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Total Token Supply: 2 600 000 000 SPTX
Pre-sale public: 186 500 000 SPTX
Public sales: 723 450 000 SPTX
Minimum purchase: 0.05 ETH
The price of Tokens: 1 ETH = 1 785 SPTX
Soft Cap: 50 000 000 SPTX
Hard Cap: 723 450 000 SPTX
Timeline: March 19-April 10, pre-ICO and 23 April-June 23, ICO.

Website : https://sprintx.io

Whitepaper : https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ICOsprintx

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pg/SprintX-248198742384321/about

Telegram : https://t.me/sprintXICO

MY BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=560940


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