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MFChain - a new crypto-exchange collective platform with a library of available smart contracts and the ability to buy / sell goods and services for any of the existing crypto-currencies.
The aim of the project is to develop the crypto-currency community and improve the work with the crypto currency for all people.

About the Platform:

The platform will cooperate in partnership with various payment systems and sellers, which will ensure a separate profit channel and cancels commission fees. Also on the platform will be introduced an innovative system of rewards for consumers and sellers.
Also, the platform is developing its MF Mainnet network - an independent public blockbuster with a unique incentive protocol. Thanks to this application on the platform will have the following functions:

  • the development and implementation of private mechanisms of blockbodies at the corporate level;
  • atomic swap cross-transaction;
  • multiblocking integration;
  • and a digital identification system.

The platform does not bind the network to the home token and therefore MF Mainnet will work both within their tokenized economy and outside it. But, although they do not tie everything to the tokens, they still offer the maximum convenience of transactions with top-level crypto-currencies.
MF Chain - the future for the industry blockbuster and the development of the crypto-currency world. The project team will do all the necessary actions to ensure that the crypto currency is not just an investment asset, but also the most convenient and safe tool for paying for goods and services with the help of a blocking mechanism.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used in the platform functional and purchases of goods and services. Their sale in private offers lasts until May 5. Pre-sales from 5 to 25 May and public sales from May 26 to June 15. Softcup project 2.5 thousand ethers, hard cap - 33 thousand ethers. A total of 521 million MFX tokens are generated. For 1 ether, you can buy 8,5 thousand platform tokens. The minimum contribution = 0.1 ether, the maximum - 200 ethers. During the pre-sale a minimum payment of 5 aether and for 1 ether you will receive 10150 tokens.
Also, when buying for large amounts, you will receive various bonuses. From 10 esters - 10% of the bonus, from 25 esters - 15% of the bonus and from 100 esters - 20% of the bonus.


On the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: during the ICO will be sold 301 million tokens or 57%. In the reserve will go 19% (100 million) tokens. On stimulation of sellers - 15%. Developers and project consultants 8% and 1% on the bounty.
On account of the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 35% will go to the development of the platform itself. 30% - on its marketing. 10 percent for operating costs and 10 percent for the platform incubator. 5 percent for the output of tokens in the listing on different exchanges, 5 percent for the team and 5 percent for legal costs.


At the expense of the project development plan, we can say the following: in the 4th quarter of 2017, the platform concept was created. In January 2018, the development of smart contracts, information documents and so on. In February they created a team, conducted market research and prepared information documents. In March 2018, private sales of tokens began. In April 2018 - pre-sale + beta version of the platform. In May, public sales of tokens. In June, the integration of the payment system. In July, the tokens will be listed on the HOLD stock exchange. Next will be the development of the platform and the establishment of partnerships, and in the second quarter of 2019 the MF Mainnet network will be launched.
In conclusion, I want to say that the platform is quite an interesting project with great prospects. Especially considering the rapid development of the crypto-currency world and the technology of blockade. For a more detailed introduction to the project, you can read the information document.  

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