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Advantages of the project for users:


The world of financial transfers is still one of the most hotly debated topics for all of humanity. In every country, in every region, people daily use certain methods of remittances, and each of them has a completely individual reason for this. Someone transfers money to his mother, someone transfers money to his friend, someone pays for this or that service, while someone buys something significant and just needs to pay the bill issued by one company or another. In fact, it does not matter. Who, where and how many translates. Here, only one thing is important, how do they do it, does the quality of service suit them, and do they lose a lot of money because of commission fees ?! Now more than ever, the topic of financial transfers is the most painful in all parts of our planet. We are so tired of those old financial institutions that have outlived themselves that we have long needed new, more modern solutions. And honestly, I am extremely glad that such a decision has appeared. Of course, I am referring to the sensational modern blockchain technology, which can drastically change the entire rotten financial system that is actively sucking us into the quagmire. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the system itself is still quite young and completely unknown to the broad masses of society, it makes it a bit inaccessible. And all because people simply do not fully understand all the principles of its work, it seems to them that all this is very difficult, difficult and inconvenient.
But all these stereotypes are formed only on the basis of low financial literacy of the population itself and the lack of any desire to learn something new. Since this implies a kind of way out of your comfort zone, which naturally inhibits the overall development of the entire industry and its mass acceptance in society. Of course, the reasons for such a slow development of the blockchain technology and all the infrastructures arising from it come not only from the above reasons. But also from the fact that many of the original sources of the blockchain industry are already some kind of “dinosaurs”. Which in turn are too complicated, time consuming and quite expensive in terms of commission fees. Far it is not necessary to go far as a classic Bitcoin buy / sell scheme. I think many of you know how much of the time it takes at such a seemingly simple procedure, not to mention its huge commission costs that accompany this whole procedure. From start to finish. Of course, being the first was not always easy, but it is important to note that the technology itself does not stand still, it develops and modernizes, it becomes better, faster, more reliable, and most importantly, more qualitative. Moreover, with the right supply of new tools, powerful and interesting projects appear that seek to bring the best offers to the world for all of us, regardless of our financial and geographical position.
The project about which we will talk today, is called - ZipCoin Exchange. Of course, you might think that this is another financial platform that seeks to make money transfers through the blockchain technology. You are right about something, but I assure you that you are not in a hurry to draw your conclusions ahead of time, since ZipCoin Exchange has its own features and advantages, which distinguish it from the mass of projects similar to it. Because of such a lyrical digression, I propose to return to the review of the project and fix its main features.

Advantages of the project for users:
ZipCoin Exchange is a new blockchain ecosystem developed on the basis of the EOS blockchain for all financial transfers worldwide, both for private and corporate clients. At the same time, ZipCoin Exchange intends to solve a large number of problems inherent in the blockchain industry, for example, such as: reduce commission fees; to increase the security of all transactions and the data obtained during registration in the user's system; guarantee the full anonymity of your client; provide quality and timely support to all its customers; guarantee accessible and understandable functions throughout the system; and maintain P2P relationships; guarantee fast and seamless transfer of any digital currency from online to offline and vice versa; as well as reduce the volatility of its internal token and provide it with stable liquidity. In simple words, ZipCoin Exchange will act as a simple and affordable trading platform, where everyone can find all that he needs in a reliable and secure blockchain industry. That is, as part of the ZipCoin Exchange, users will be able not only to simply buy and sell their altcoins, but also to exchange them at the most favorable rate anywhere in the world.
Providing all banking processes within the ZipCoin Exchange will be their internal token, which will serve as a kind of fuel for the development of the entire ecosystem as a whole. Due to the integration of several financial services at once, users of ZipCoin Exchange will acquire a whole range of financial services that will be not only cost-effective, but also secure. Another distinctive feature of the ZipCoin Exchange is its blockchain base, as you remember, we often considered similar financial platforms that had a base on the Ethereum blockchain. The founders of the ZipCoin Exchange decided to go the other, more profitable way. Since the EOS blockchain has clear advantages, relative to the Ethereum blockchain. All this will contribute to the universal development of the entire ZipCoin Exchange direction. After all, the developers intend to make the maximum of their professional efforts to ensure that the internal token of the system - ZipCoin (ZIPCO) has the best financial performance.
Of course, analyzing the current situation as a whole, you can come to the conclusion that the world really needs high-quality and powerful financial resources of the new model, where people can get a full list of services and be able to manage and manage their finances easily, quickly, and most importantly - reliably! I think that ZipCoin Exchange is one of such projects that you should pay attention to. At the same time, spend quite a bit of your personal time for a deeper study of the project structure. To do this, the founders have prepared a whole list of information materials, which you can find on the following proposed resources. Links which, you are already looking forward to the bottom. Well, I once again remind you that my articles are for informational purposes only and do not call you to anything! h>!e - 100 %

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