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Have you noticed how much the trade and consumer relations between the seller and the customer have changed? They have become much more loyal. All sellers want to offer us more than just one product. All this is supported by a different system of discounts or other bonus cards and all sorts of cashbacks. Of course, this behavior is triggered by great competition in the commodity market, so each seller seeks to satisfy his customer to the maximum. However, despite all these marketing tricks, many sellers do not have time to sell all their collections in time and it turns out that they incur decent losses at the end of the season. To solve this problem with some traditional methods is extremely difficult, so a group of specialists suggested solving all the above problems by introducing several tools, which ones ?! You will find out later. The project, the concept of which we will analyze today, is called WINBIX. The main feature of WINBIX is that it is a decentralized platform with a built-in unique algorithm for the interaction of the seller with its customers. The whole principle of operation is based on one very well-known “Dutch auction” system, where during the auction the user can purchase one or another product for himself, at a very attractive price. The advantages of this system are simply indisputable since they solve one of the main problems of all sellers. You can realize absolutely all your goods, not at the expense of themselves, but at a nice price for the consumer. And since the entire WINBIX platform is a representative of the blockchain system, most of the functions built into it identify all the most important qualities of any blockchain network. That is, all transactions and actions within the framework of the platform are reliable and secure, both for the seller and the buyer. This excludes any non-quality and fraudulent transactions within the WINBIX platform itself.

To make it much more clear how this works, I suggest to consider one small example. Suppose the seller has some items left from his current collection and is ready to sell them at a very low price. This offer is displayed absolutely for each user, while the minimum price of the product is randomly formed and, in order to preserve the fairness and fairness of the auction, the user does not see what price another buyer offers for the same product. At the same time, the seller knows all these data and he himself has the right to choose the final cost of his goods, and also to determine those to whom he is ready to sell his goods and at what price. That is, the seller put up for sale a great pair of men's shoes and determined the minimum price corridor below which the price could not fall. In your (buyer) account, an offer appears that such and such a seller sells men's shoes with a starting price. After that, you yourself decide how much you are willing to pay for them, so that they become yours! As soon as you decide, you specify the amount. After that, the WINBIX system captures your amount and displays it in the seller’s personal account. During the auction, the seller will be able to assess the demand for their shoes and select the category of buyers who could offer the most favorable price for the same pair of shoes. After the auction is completed, the transaction will be fixed in the smart contract and the buyer who purchased this product will be able to pay for it using the internal token of the project, and also leave a full review that will contain a large number of objective comments. This rating system will allow you to form sellers' ratings, as well as better guide customers through the large space of the WINBIX system. At the same time, within the framework of the platform, arbitration support will be available, which is necessary to resolve all possible disputes that have occurred within the WINBIX system.

In general, the idea of ​​WINBIX is very interesting and I would love to try it out in practice. Since I have been looking for something interesting for myself for a long time, where would I be able to purchase goods of various brands at a very attractive price. And I think that WINBIX personifies such a place. Moreover, I am attracted to WINBIX by the fact that all operations are securely fixed in the unchanged blockchain system and are as reliable and transparent as possible. What is very important for me as a consumer! Therefore, anyone who would also be interested to get acquainted with WINBIX in more detail I recommend to study their white paper, where the entire structure of the project is stated in the simplest possible language. At the same time, you can take a look at the official and social resources of the project, get acquainted with the founding team and ask your questions directly in the chat telegrams. To do this, I prepared all the necessary links, which are safely located at the end of this article./nqiz3s"> henter>

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