Why should people do sports?

Walking, running, cycling and playing football are some kinds of sports that you do every day. Some people think that doing sports is useless, the other consider that it is tiring. So, why is it so important to do sports?

When you move, 600 muscles in your body work to make you more flexible and stronger. Sports are very important for children and teenagers. When their bones are well held by the muscles, they grow and become stronger.

Sports maintain the whole body: your brain, your lungs, and your heart. For doing that your body uses your fats and your sugar. You get more healthy and slimmer. That’s not all. You develop your abilities such as catching a ball or keeping balance when you ride a bike. You learn new skills which are useful in your life. You get more successful and progress-oriented.

When you are doing sports, your brain makes a pleasure hormone — endorphin. It makes you forget your anger and your sorrows. Moreover the sport is often done with friends or family, and it is a good way to share emotions and joy.

You can do sports on the ground, in the water or in the air. There are dozens of sport activities where you will meet different people. But all of them have the only passion, and it is sports. Besides, doctors advise to spend an hour for sports every day. Are you ready for the challenge?

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