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As you remember, the emergence of the blockchain technology was caused by an extremely unstable situation on the world economy market, which ultimately led humanity to a global crisis. Blockchain has become a kind of alternative to centralized payments, with increased speed and maximum confidentiality and security. However, over time, with the development and popularization of the technology itself, many of its technical indicators have changed. Most transactions are public and everyone can view one or another transfer of each individual member of the blockchain network. That naturally violates certain principles of freedom and confidentiality of the rights of the participants themselves. The group of specialists offers to solve this problem, which intends to reunite several sources within the same technology concept and provide the user with the most reliable, confidential and completely anonymous environment of existence. The project which will be discussed today is called Veil. This project intends to use all the accumulated user experience in the blockchain industry and use it as a basis to create the most advanced anonymous platform throughout the blockchain space.
To implement their plans, the developers decided to use the Bitcoin cryptographic protocol (0.117.1). Since this version of the protocol throughout its existence, and this is already almost 10 years, has proved its high efficiency and security among all other software. The Zerocoin protocol will supplement the technical structure of the Veil project, which assumes and proves with its cryptographic method the zero value of the transactions made, without the ability to clearly determine the nominal value of the input or output of the asset, that is, creating a complete anonymity for all the operations. The third component on the network will be Dandelion support, the protocol of which does not allow tracing the beginning of the original transaction, which as a result provides each user with additional confidentiality. Thus, we see how, from different parts of aggregate technologies, the developers created an improved model, naming it Veil.

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In addition to a set of protocols, Veil will have a Pos and Pow hybrid consensus system. In order to ensure the highest possible performance of all their mechanisms of participation, as well as to ensure the full decentralization of all rates and their energy efficiency in the process. It is important to note that all bets will match the Zerocoin face value, so that throughout the entire existence of the project, the Veil system will be able to keep balance curtains, and not to violate the confidentiality of each individual payment. This method will contribute to the elimination of any unpleasant moments, as well as accelerate all transactions, so they will immediately be adjusted to the automatic value of the nominal value of Zerocoin. For those who do not know, the Zerocoin protocol nominal starts from 10 coins and increases by a factor of ten, 100, 1000, 10,000, and so on.
To increase the level of reliability within the Veil system, there will be a fair distribution of coins, achieved through the qualitative use of a hashing algorithm, which will be aimed at fair evidence of mining and the entire distribution part of the coins. The use of such algorithms will allow you to exclude any pre-sales or any other public sales of coins, providing a reliable system of distribution of coins.


Summing up, we can safely say that the founders of Veil prepared thoroughly, combining only the best tools of the entire blockchain industry. Where the element of each individual part is harmoniously complements the previous one, and in the aggregate they create a truly incredible platform with all the attendant functions. The truth is to evaluate the benefits of which, it is possible only in practice, however, I have not met such a level of projects for a long time and I would be very curious to use it in everyday life.
Of course, my review is purely informative in nature and does not call you to anything, but advise you to study this project in more detail, I still recommend it to you. Since I think that it will come to your liking. All social and media resources of the project are waiting for you at the bottom, so enjoy your reading and see you soon!

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