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In our lives, we regularly face various difficulties. This may be from facilities where we acquire consumer products, to a possible lack of understanding of the directions of social movement. As a result - depression, dissatisfaction with living conditions, and a lot more then. It is in the social sphere that the Datablockchain project will find its use.

Over time, we get tired of using public transport services. Yes, it is suitable for many of our purposes, but not for everyone. What do we do in this case? We go to the local auto show. Regardless of what budget we have, whether we want to buy a new car or a used car, we want our needs to be fully satisfied. What will be our disappointment if we do not find the car that suits us! But the owner of the salon could inquire about their potential buyers. And Datablockchain, who collects information from various sources, can easily help him in this. Then it will be easy to choose a model range that meets the needs, and most importantly, the width of the local customers' wallet. It equally applies to the entire sales area. Supermarkets, too, can more easily navigate to the necessary range, thanks to the Datablockchain.

Elections to local governments, or even a national parliament - this is a very difficult and expensive business. Until recently. Until Datablockchain, which has all the necessary information about voters from a particular region, appeared. And this information is several times cheaper. Various filters, factors, tables, data - all this will give an incomparable advantage to the candidate who uses the innovative platform. Naturally, the local voter may be more pleased, since he will be offered the changes that he actually wanted. As a result, we get a completely new level of relations between candidates and voters.

How do you feel about the next call from the sellers of plastic windows or representatives of microloans. You know, if it annoys you, then the fault is only in a marketing agency that provided its customers with an old and non-working database. This happens, of course, from the fact that a small marketing agency used to simply not have access to such an effective tool as Datablockchain. Here, all information is not only updated, according to a transparent rating, but is regularly updated, due to the interest of the seller of this database. As a result, we have not cold calls, as it was before, but targeted and directed advertising companies that can bring real growth for any business. And for a marketing agency - new and satisfied customers who will apply again and again.

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