The sphere of online casinos. Perspectives. Solving gaming industry problems with the Bitwin project

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Many of us remember the heyday of all kinds of gambling. Many people lost huge fortunes to casinos. Previously, you could freely play for money not only in the casino, but also in any other entertainment venue. Now this industry is limited at the legislative level. Slot machines, roulettes and all other gambling became considered a serious offense. Now there are not a large number of places where you can relax and legally relax or throw out emotions through the game. However, this does not prevent the gambler from finding options to meet their hobbies. Technology has completely changed the activities of even the largest and most famous casinos. You no longer need to invest millions in the creation of luxurious interiors, the purchase of devices and playing tables, staff training and rent in the most prestigious areas of the city. Today, in order to start a gambling business, it is enough to create an online platform, acquire the best software and engage in promotion and development. It is easier, cheaper and more profitable.

Today, there is a steady growth in the online gambling industry. The pace of development of online casinos overtakes the growth of world gross domestic product by several times. The gaming industry is a business area with a high level of competition and unpredictability. Its profitability is based on a high level of welfare in society and an eternal thirst for adventure. And it is not surprising that casinos thrive in highly developed countries, where the basic needs of people are fully met.

Solving gaming industry problems with the Bitwin project:

The transparency of the game and the inability to falsify its results are two prerequisites for an honest casino. But do you know a lot of places where the client is given the opportunity to take his winnings in full? Most likely, it will be kept in the game by all available means until it loses everything to the penny. In addition, the player may face frank fraud, which is difficult and sometimes impossible to prove. Fraud is not the only, but rather serious argument that reduces the popularity of online gambling. Before the advent of blockchain technology, a quick, honest, transparent exchange of money in almost any online casino was the exception to the rule. The online casino has a lot of various ways, perhaps unfair to the players, but allowing to receive fabulous incomes. The reason for this lies in the lack of transparency. Online casinos deliberately hide financial details: game results, winnings, making it impossible to verify the mechanism itself and the principle of operation of the casino. For example, before accepting a bet by a program, there is a short amount of time during which the combination chosen by the player can be disclosed by the system and changed. This creates the desired result for the casino. Especially often such falsification of results is found with the automatic method of betting, the program simply generates a different bet.

Another problem characteristic of almost all online casinos is transactions. Transaction fees can reach more than 9%, which is a very high figure. Bitwin allows you to reduce these fees, ultimately improving the economic effect of the game. Online casino imposes the size of daily withdrawals from the account. Moreover, today the process of withdrawing money from an account can take more than 48 hours, even using such easy ways as Visa and Mastercard. Even the emergence of blockchain technologies does not fully solve the problem of draining money from an online casino client. Yes, the transparency of transactions improves, but it’s not so easy to figure out what each transaction means. In addition, there is still the possibility of changing the game code, for example, setting one specific wallet address of a particular winner in each bet. All these problems are solved by the Bitwin project at a high level. It remains only not to miss the opportunity to join the project.

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