Pieta project overview. Advantages of the project for users

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Advantages of the project for users:


The Pieta: project pursues fairly simple goals - to create a fundamentally new cryptocurrency for the modern world, which will have a very low cost of electricity for mining. After all, the issue of energy consumption of mining today is very acute, the most popular cryptocurrencies that work on a special algorithm at the moment can be mined only by a narrow circle of people. Mining of such coins is the lot of the elect, who can afford to pay for expensive equipment, and at the same time also regularly give large sums to pay for electricity. This approach to the processing of cryptocurrency transactions has been repeatedly criticized, because huge computational resources are wasted on performing unnecessary actions, and at the same time a huge amount of electricity is expended. The existing mining algorithm has a number of significant flaws, which do not allow its application everywhere. That is why the creators of PITC cryptocurrency decided to create a fundamentally new solution.

Advantages of the project for users:
The creators of Pieta has developed a new data encryption algorithm. It will serve as a substitute for cryptographic algorithms common in our day. Thanks to the use of the new encryption method, the security of the cryptocurrency from Pieta will remain at a high level, preventing the network from breaking, but mining will be much less costly in terms of electricity consumed. In addition, the creators of Pieta will also encourage miners to use renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy. The founders of Pieta will also allocate part of their income to sponsor projects and research aimed at exploring energy and environmental issues. Thus, Pieta’s crypto currency from Pieta can become one of the most environmentally friendly crypto currencies, while remaining as secure and decentralized as other major digital assets. Profit miners at the same time will also be quite high, because they do not have to spend huge sums to pay for electricity and the purchase of expensive equipment, which certainly will help create a powerful and large community around the young cryptocurrency. At the moment, the Pieta project is only at the development stage. To create a completely new, innovative currency, of course, requires a lot of money and a lot of resources, so now Pieta is starting its own ICO, the purpose of which is to raise funds to finance the development, its legalization and distribution.

The project Pieta is very interesting and developers have deserved attention. I think that if the plans are implemented, the project has good prospects. Also, a project with its own internal token will also cause users to trust even more. After all, thanks to the token allow developers to attract funding at the initial stage. In addition, all internal operations will be carried out using a token, which will cause high demand, and at the same time increase its value. If you are interested in this project, then you can take part in it. Links to project resources will be provided from beloom/nt84g7"> henter>

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