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Advantages of the project for users:


It is difficult to imagine how our world would look like if we did not have a business market and other types of relationships with each other. Business has always been and remains a complex structure, which from time to time experiences a number of difficulties. Basically, these difficulties are caused by the uncontrolled growth of the direction or the outdated norms of some separate structures. However, at this point in time, many businessmen began to experience extreme difficulties in the field of invoices. That is, in the area that is responsible for invoices between the entrepreneur and the seller. Initially it may seem that nothing complicated should be here, but alas. The reality is that the majority of invoices are drawn up incorrectly or do not meet all legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, such invoices can mislead any of the parties, stating those conditions to which it does not correspond. Unfortunately, to solve all these problems in a traditional, centralized way is extremely difficult and almost impossible, since there is always the possibility of an unfair attitude on the part of both parties. The team of specialists whose idea is capable of bringing in a structured and transparent course of all textural processes is going to solve this problem. The project, the concept of which we consider, is called - PCORE. His main task is to form reliable market relations for all businessmen. At the same time, to simplify all the processes with the formation of invoices, making it all a legitimate and transparent way. To help in this, everything is intended to be a combination of several elements, each of which will be responsible for its own conditions and requirements. The first thing I want to start is the blockchain. With the help of it, the PCORE project will be able to absolutely transparently and decentralized control the structure of all accounts. And thanks to the Hive system and smart contracts, a clear structuring of all the data entered into the “tations.

Advantages of the project for users: Since the world does not yet have similar analogues in it, which means that no one has asked so deeply the above-described questions and solutions to problems. Moreover, PCORE contributes to changing the entire textural part of the business, making it digital, automatic and, most importantly, safe and secure. Not least, given the seriousness of all business relationships throughout the business world. A variety of additional functions and tools available in the PCORE platform will simply not leave indifferent any participant on both sides of the market. PCORE provides support to all issuers, owners and payers, as well as lenders and even investors. All of them have open access to information of interest to them, which is necessary to confirm all important data and other statements involved in the transaction. All of these algorithms form obvious advantages over the outdated “classical system”, which is not able to exert such privileges in all invoicing processes, as well as the corresponding credit statements. After all, now PCORE will control every process that accompanies absolutely all authentication of invoices, as well as other invoices and research materials inherent in the actual or declared operations.
PCORE is a very interesting project, given the current state of the entire business industry. Moreover, PCORE truly offers new and improved interaction tools for all parties involved, who participate daily in all business processes. And since modern business cannot exist without all legal acts and invoices (invoices), they must contain gom/n9la8z"> here - 93 % only must correspond to reality, but also be legitimate.

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