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The world of entertainment has long been one of the most profitable destinations in the world. After the people finally stopped fighting, calmed down in their daily activities, they noticed that life was flowing in some kind of gray colors, therefore entertainment came to dilute this fresh existence. A sufficiently large number of activities can be attributed to the category of entertainment, ranging from sports games to various amusement parks, games on slot machines and casinos. Strangely enough, over the centuries, people have always been famous for their genuine interest in gambling. And what is most interesting this excitement is preserved to this day. This is symbolized by a large number of entertainment places and the entertainment industry itself, which annually increases by an average of about 20% and is estimated at over $ 80 billion a year. Of course, as in any field of activity, in addition to the positive side, there is also a negative one, and so in the world of distinctions, namely gambling, the honesty of the institutions themselves remains the negative side of the moment, as well as the demand satisfying the user's needs. Not everyone can maintain a decent level of service or the provision of any services. Moreover, there are individual instances that lead to an unfair game policy, infringing on the rights of their players, adjusting everything in such a way that they will lose most of the time than they will win. What is naturally considered a violation of all rules regarding consumer rights. Of course, we have repeatedly considered various ICOs projects that offered decentralized ideas, solving problems with transparency and security of all actions. But as far as you remember, most of these projects had a narrowly targeted access category, expressed only by the Internet space. The project, whose idea we are about to consider, offers slightly different conditions for interaction between the participant and the entire game structure.
The project is called Pbet, whose main goal is to erase the line between offline casinos and online entertainment. The developers intend to achieve this synergy by introducing the blockchain technology into their concept, as well as using their own coin storage system, expressed in the user's wallet with internal Pbet coins. This principle of interaction will allow to combine the two largest spaces of the gaming industry, which will be the same for both online players and offline. Explain why this advantageous will be particularly difficult. First, the majority of online players often like to combine the game not only on the Internet, but also in offline establishments of the same type, where you can take part in the game on any available slot machine or other game table. Secondly, people who play both there and there have enough difficulty buying chips (game coins), their eternal conversion and other conversions associated with these processes. The idea of Pbet is to create a single system, the wallet of which will use a single token, the value of which can be used both in an offline institution and on an online resource. This will largely save the players a fair amount of money, as he will finally stop losing on regular conversions and will be able to concentrate on achieving some specific results.

Advantages of the project for users:
The founding team of the Pbet project has a wealth of practical experience in the gambling industry, as they own a network of offline establishments in more than 4 countries. This experience and knowledge allows them to analyze the mistakes of the past, as well as move freely to their technological future, drawing on the ideas of their competitors. Since most decentralized game projects are concentrated only within the Internet and do not allow a large number of offline players to be part of their transparent system. Therefore, the founders of Pbet, having seen this injustice, came to a mutual opinion, why not combine these two spaces (online and offline) by creating a single cryptocurrency wallet for players, which will include all the same reliable, transparent and secure functions of decentralized systems. It will not restrict access to any particular area of participation. So the idea of Pbet was born. But this is not the only advantage of the Pbet system, but the active partnership of other companies and groups that will use the Pbet token as their means of payment, offering hospitality services, as well as a number of other services, will complement the value of the internal token. That is, Pbet system players will be able to pay with their coins as they want and where they want. What I think is very cool.

To summarize, I would like to point out the distinctive features of a Pbet project from similar ones. Personally, I really liked the idea of combining two completely different offline and online worlds, where the user will not be deprived of something, but rather acquire all the necessary tools for a comfortable game. Although I am not an active player in gambling, I still think that this system will find a response from its target audience and rightfully take a leading position in the entertainment market.

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