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Today I would like to talk about a project that uses artificial intelligence in its work. The Mindsync project aims to create a global platform that will help everyone to access the wonders of artificial intelligence for an absolutely reasonable price. The team of this platform brings together qualified specialists in the field of neural networks, blockchain technologies, Big Data masters, IT specialists, owners of computing power, and many other experts. This whole team will work on a joint solution of problems in the field of artificial intelligence.

It will look like this: a customer who needs any AI solution contacts the Mindsync platform, a team of specialists jointly performs the task and places the finished product either on the customer’s computing facilities or on the Mindsync partners. After that, the completed project will go to the database of ready-made solutions, and subsequent customers, instead of drawing up their own technical specifications and performing unique solutions, will be able to purchase one of the solutions developed earlier.

Advantages of the project for users:

The project’s work will help to make AI solutions and the technologies of artificial intelligence themselves much more accessible to the general public. Because today, if any company wants to introduce into its infrastructure any algorithm that works with the help of artificial intelligence, for example, processing a huge array of customer data, then they will have to assemble a team of AI and Big Data specialists, as well as buy or search a tenant of expensive computing power consisting of servers or farms. When using the same services of the Mindsync project, the customer will only need to create a technical task and pay for the work, or simply choose a ready-made solution from the Mindsync database. However, it is worth mentioning that at the moment full-fledged artificial intelligence has not yet been invented, and everything that is now called artificial intelligence or AI is essentially neural networks that are able to self-learn and process large amounts of information without human intervention.

Payment for services on the Mindsync platform will occur using their own crypto currency MAI token, which has the ERC 20 standard and is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. Tokens MAI will also be paid for professionals involved in the work, and for owners of facilities who cooperate with Mindsync. The use of blockchain, crypto currency tokens and smart contracts Ethereum will make all transactions in the Mindsync network more secure and open, and also avoid high transaction costs, because when using crypto currencies only a small commission is charged that goes to pay for miners, and you have to pay banks and financial organizations, as well as maintain a whole accounting department in the company. The use of cryptocurrency in international payments is particularly useful, since Mindsync plans to become a global platform used throughout the world.


Summing up the Mindsync project, I would like to note that the advantages that the platform offers are unique and they will allow to increase the level of development of artificial intelligence. As a long-term cooperation project can be considered. To understand the project in more detail below, there will be links to official sources.

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