Hybrid Blockchain for LTO Network Workflows. Features and Problem Solving

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No matter how popular this or that technology is, it, like all its predecessors, goes a long and thorny path to its mass acceptance, and general approval in society. No need to go far, as it is enough just to remember how humanity initially reacted negatively to electricity, the internal combustion engine, the first car, the first plane, the flight into space, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and finally the blockchain technology. Over the past 10 years, the blockchain has brought a lot of hype around its "person", however, there are still those who claim that this technology does not shine anything good. Since almost all crypto enthusiasts are fixated more on the multi-million dollar speculation of the cryptomonet themselves than on the heightened interest in the technology itself. All these skeptical movements form a whole stratum of society under them with a similar vision of the current situation, but there are still those who believe in the effectiveness of the blockchain structure and are keen to prove it in practice. After all, as we all know, many blockchain projects are fixated on making a profit, by providing some tools. Given that the world has long been in need of simple work tools with which you can resolve the most simple work and inter-organizational issues. Since it is in their structures lies a huge problem associated with reliable data transfer, as well as fair conditions of cooperation.
The project, the concept of which we are reviewing today, wants to implement its blockchain system just to solve all the problems described above, and this project is called LTO NETWORK - this is a decentralized platform that differs from all its predecessors by having working tools available for a large number of corporate clients, as well as their intermediaries. All these tools are aimed only at solving all business relations, allowing you to improve each individual direction tenfold. At the same time guaranteeing a reliable and transparent relationship of all parties involved. To achieve all of this, LTO NETWORK will allow blockchain technology, which has all the necessary technological qualities to ensure an efficient, secure and confidential environment. Within the framework of which all working corporate and inter-sectoral relations will acquire a decentralized B2B character.
The main distinctive criterion of the LTO NETWORK network from its other predecessors will be its Live contract, which is significantly different from all of us by the well-known Ethereum smart contract. Although the Live contract will have a similar function as an immutable blockchain structure, allowing to fix the terms of interaction of all parties to this agreement, while differing in the final zero privacy value and the solution to all disputes later, through an authorized party to one or another business side. This contract will finally resolve all inter-organizational processes between organizations and any other businesses that regularly enter into work-business relations, but they lack all reliable tools that protect their rights and any other working characteristics in the course of communication with the other party. Therefore, the Live contract will allow them to finally acquire the transparent basis of all official documents and agreements, as well as solve all disputed issues in the future.
Another advantage of LTO NETWORK is its powerful technological structure, which can simultaneously support both private and global blockchain networks. In this case, the entire associated security and identification procedure interacts with the LTO network (identical to the NXT algorithms) and responds through a chain of transactions in less than one minute. Thus, we once again make sure that LTO NETWORK is fully ready for use in many financial, government and business areas, now, and not after some 10 to 20 years. Moreover, for enterprises, the use of LTO NETWORK in their working structure has its own benefits, as they finally gain: reliable, transparent and secure tools, and will be able to control absolutely all transactions within their organization, which will naturally eliminate significant financial problems addressing some controversial and corrupt issues, as well as solving all these processes quickly and cost-effectively.
Summing up, it is important to note that the LTO NETWORK project itself is already a continuation of a successfully operating organization that has been successfully engaged in its activities for 4 years. And the decentralized hybrid concept of LTO NETWORK is its qualitative addition, as the world needs new technological tools that can be used now.

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