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In the face of fierce competition, technology plays a crucial role. Additive manufacturing is the future of many industries. Today, additive manufacturing is used to create products that are very difficult or impossible to put into mass production. These are products with individual parameters, complex geometric shapes. This industry is developing at a tremendous pace. Now it has become possible to use additive manufacturing in aircraft manufacturing and the automotive industry. dentistry, creating medical implants, design.

What is the difficulty in organizing additive production in standard ways? The technology is based on the creation of 3d objects, in which material is added in a layer-by-layer manner. To create such an object requires the work of many specialists: experts, designers, programmers, support staff. At the stage of creating a 3d model, the protection of information becomes of particular importance. The question of trust and security of the transaction on an international scale is acute. 3d technology allows you to quickly and economically create various modifications of the product.

The technology for additive manufacturing Erecoin allows you to create a decentralized network for the exchange of information between participants in additive manufacturing. It will be interesting, for example, by manufacturing enterprises, design institutions, designers and the customers themselves. And all these participants in the process will exchange data without worrying about their safety.

The developers of the Erecoin-platform set ambitious, in my opinion, plans: Simplify the work on data transfer in the field of additive manufacturing. Make secure file sharing. Protect transactions for all participants 3d printing. Protect all parties involved in 3d with smart contracts. Scale investments in additive manufacturing.

Advantages of the project for users:

3d technology allows you to quickly and economically create various modifications of the product. The main advantages for companies, in my opinion, are obvious. No need months for project development. No need to keep a staff of design engineers. Trial prototypes are created using 3d. They are presented to customers to evaluate the characteristics, capabilities, appearance. Thus, only successful product variants are launched into production. A new product can be quickly brought to the market without spending resources on prototypes. Great idea for both small companies and large manufacturers. Even if you are far from entrepreneurship, just imagine that you do not need to wait for the same dental implants for several months, adjust, send for rework. With the help of a 3d tooth model, an exact copy will be recreated at a price much lower than the one you expected. Look a little into the future. According to the bold predictions of specialists with the help of 3d technologies, it will soon be possible to restore human organs. Do you think this is incredible? I, frankly, too. But it will be so! What other benefits do additive manufacturing have: Increased productivity. Affordable cost of equipment for the production of 3d models. Saving resources. In my opinion, this has long been something to do. Too much has accumulated on the waste planet. First of all, such an irresponsible attitude beats the health of the person. With additive manufacturing, less waste is generated than with traditional methods. Thus, the creators of Erecoin not only invented a way to protect transactions and participants in additive manufacturing. This, in my opinion, is an important social project. The creators of Erecoin are confident that their creation will create a breakthrough in the promotion of 3d technologies in production.

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