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Advantages of the project for users:
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The crypto currency EDC has a blockchain of its own design, therefore, unlike ERC-20 tokens, it can be mined and profitable from this. The development team opted for the LPoS consensus - Leased Proof of Stake, which is almost unique to the crypto industry, because this method of mining is currently used by only a couple of projects, including EDC Blockchain. This algorithm is a modified version of the well-known Proof of Stake, however, with a greater degree of decentralization and proximity to the community. The bottom line is that anyone can take part in the mining of a crypto currency EDC - for this you do not need to sell an apartment and invest thousands of dollars in expensive equipment. No, in order to make a profit with EDC you just need to buy a few coins and send them to the smart contract masternody directly through the EDC Wallet. Aft rate).

The EDnds will be frozen for 3, 6 or 12 months (of your choice) and during this time you will receive a daily profit. The minimum amount to participate in mining is only 100 EDC (about $ 0.4 at the current exchange rate). The EDC Blockchain project is not just a young startup, it has existed for several years now and therefore its coins have been traded on several major exchanges and exchangers such as Bit-Z, YoBit, iDAX, P2P-B2B, Crypto.com (partner payment gateway for CoinMarketCap) , as well as on more than a dozen services - you can learn more on the official website of EDC Blockchain, which, by the way, is translated into Russian, which is very convenient. The price of the EDC currency is currently equal to 0.004 USD. Regarding the issue - it is limited, all 100,000,000,000 EDC coins will be issued, and at the moment about five billion are mined. The last coin will be minted in 2040, which is a good emission limit for raising demand for the coin and, as a result, increasing its rates in the long term.


EDC Blockchain is quite a promising project, the creators of which are well aware of the market and understand that the crypto community needs these days - great scalability, high transaction speed, simplicity in creating tokens and the opportunity to earn money on mining for everyone who wants it. in the future will gain more and more popularity. In addition, the currently existing features and functions are far from a complete list of what developers want to see in their product. In the future, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange will also appear on the EDC Blockchain platform; crowdfunding project to support young startups; P2P Marketplace for the EDC Blockchain community, where you can pay with EDC coins; as well as a global multi-currency aggregator, in which it will be possible to create tokens and smart contracts not only on the EDC blockchain, but also on many other existing ones today. So we believe in the project and that the team will succeed. The idea in any case deserves attention. It iom/nzlf6s"> hstanding this project.

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