EDC Blockchain project overview. Advantages of the project for users

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Advantages of the project for users:


The EDC Blockchain project is a unique platform that in its work uses its internal token, which will be in demand in the future. It will be an internal currency with its own blockchain, as well as many additional functions, services and solutions, which I will tell you about in this review. The EDC coin and, accordingly, the EDC Blockchain platform work on a proprietary blockchain based on BitShares technology, or more precisely, on its second iteration, there.

BitShares 2.0 Graphene, developed by the well-known crypto programmer Dan Larimer, who also created EOS and Steemit. Using this technology allows you to get a very high speed of work, which can not boast of competitors. On average, some technologies can process a huge number of transactions per second, but do not stop there.

Advantages of the project for users:
The EDC Blockchain project combines high speed with the LPoS mining consensus (I will talk about mining in more detail in the second part of the review), on which the EDC Blockchain runs, so the average time to create 1 block in the EDC blockchain is 2-3 seconds. In addition, the Graphene blockchain technology also provides change, the EDC Blockchain platform is primultaneously with several coins or tokens, which is useful for EDC Blockchain, since this project is not just a coin, but a full-fledged multi-currency platform offering comprehensive solutions. Despite the fact that anyone can use the EDC cryptocurrency simply by buying it on the exchange, the EDC Blockchain platform is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs. And both for owners of large businesses, and for young startups with small projects and companies. EDC Blockchain allows anyone to create their own cryptocurrency token that can be embedded in their project and business, accepted for payment, used for settlements with employees, kept accounts, controlled logistics or simply used this token for trading on the exchange. And most importantly, for this you do not need to write a single line of code! Yes, you can release your own crypto currency in the EDC Blockchain ecosystem with just a few clicks. For this, the company has 3 packages: 1. Basic - you can issue a token, giving it a name and description. 2. Fit for small firms and cost only 1,000 EDC Plus, here you will be able to change the emission of your token, assign a pre-mine date, and so on, by paying the platform a small amount. 3. Premium - unlimited functionality for creating your own cryptocurrency with the ability to change and manage all functions, except perhaps the mining algorithm - it will also remain LPoS.

Thus, EDC Blockchain is not just a cryptocurrency, but also a full-fledged platform that provides comprehensive services for the creation and management of digital currencies. Also, in addition to directly issuing tokens, EDC Blockchain provides the opportunity to promote your project with advertising through several marketing channels, as well as listing on partner exchanges, immediately after minting the coin - this offer is unique in the om/nwj939"> hry. Such an integrated approach allows business owners, startups and entrepreneurs to take their firms to a whole new level.

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