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Real estate today is the most stable object for investment. Large funds, as well as people who have free money, always try to ensure their capitalization at the expense of real estate. All this is happening in connection with the fact that this investment is most stable to fluctuations in the exchange rate, including the world one. And if there are industrial or regional problems, then unsuccessful investments can be covered by insurance. Insurance companies are very willing to insure real estate objects. Yes, and banks can often give them a loan. All because real estate is quite valuable capital, at least, I repeat, this situation has developed on the current day.

But is it so easy to become the owner of this capital? Yes, if it is a separate purchase of an apartment for subsequent leasing, then, in principle, 3-4 weeks of work with documents and notaries and a valuable asset passes from one owner to another. And what if you are a representative of a fund that intends to buy similar assets in several countries of the world? And here comes the golden vein for the mediators. Realtors, notaries, specialists in the residential and non-residential fund, the need for special documents and permits for each country separately. As a result, you need to engage in the search for a resident, as well as additional fees are huge.

The Dominium project comes to an outdated, from the point of view of technical support, real estate management market, in order to simplify all key and side processes in it. And it is possible, of course, due to blockchain technology. Dominium surprised me with its technology and vision. This is really an advanced and classy project in its field! Today we will get acquainted with the main market problems that Dominium offers to solve and outline the basic principles of the platform.

Problems in the real estate market:

Few people doubt that investing in real estate is a good investment, but it has low liquidity and a sufficiently long investment period. In addition, the entrance and exit from this capitalization is a very difficult and long-lasting business. Once again, if in the case of a separate apartment, we have several weeks of work with documents, notaries and various services, then in the case of distributed objects, this can drag on for months, and sometimes even for years. And you can even forget in this case of the huge accompanying costs for specialists in this field. At the same time, investment in real estate is still very topical, as they have a high degree of stability, resistance to inflation, in fact they do not contain energy costs. And these investments are available not only for market experts, but for anyone who wishes. This is still a great portfolio for diversifying investment risks.

The advantages of the project:

At the moment for several years there is such a thing as blockchain. And it is blockchain that has long been considered as a technological improvement of processes in the industry, with both technical and market experts. But while because of the novelty and lack of information about the new technology, the process of development of the blockchain is somewhat delayed. Perhaps there is an inconvenience of working with it and the lack of solutions on the market that make this work easy and simple. Another significant obstacle in the widespread distribution of real estate transactions using crypto currency, experts see the instability of the latter. The constant fluctuations of the rate and the insufficient prevalence among all strata of the population make these transactions so far single and almost exclusive.

The potential of blockchain in the field of trade and rental of real estate has not yet been disclosed. Dominium offers to completely revise the current state of affairs in the market and to uncover the potential of all technological aspects of the relatively new technology to the maximum. Blockchain was used as a tool for crypto-currency traffic from the very beginning of its existence, but today experts understand that smart contracts based on blockchain technology can mean much more in real estate transactions, changing and improving the whole essence of interaction and asset management.

But after all, blockchain is bound to allow the real estate market to become simpler, faster, more transparent and safer. It is he who has sufficient potential for technological improvement of the market in all aspects! He practically isolates scammers, removes unnecessary intermediaries, makes transactions incredibly fast and trustworthy!

And if we touch the processes of real estate management, then here the blockchain reveals itself completely. Real estate, because it's not just buying and selling, it's also marketing, renting, settling, accounting, risk management, reporting to the state and executive bodies. All this can be automated.

ITO terms and conditions:

Name of the token: DOM
Total number of tokens released: 1 000 000 000 DOM
Total number of tokens allocated for sale: 700 000 000 DOM
Dominium Public ITO is now live
End of ITO: in 98 days
Price of the token: 1 DOM = 0.1-0.25 €
Soft Cap: 2 500 000 €
Hard Cap: 92 500 000 €



The project has chosen the actual sphere for today - real estate. Considering that the team members have been engaged in it for a long time, the project has very good chances to become a global platform for the sale of property.

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