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The business market today comes to several main factors: rapid scalability, lack of boundaries, equal opportunities for old and new participants. While this is still a concept, but they are already fully reflected in the financial plan. We all know the following concepts: the Internet of things market, IoT and Web 3.0 dApps. But let's not talk about complex terms, for people who know - this already says a lot. For the rest - will be something to read. Just think what it will give to all blockchain users. For example, Bitcoin today performs only about three transactions per second. Ethereum - about five. For comparison, the same Visa is able to make more than 24 thousand transactions! Do not you think that this is a little unfair! You can leave aside the thoughts that Visa came to this by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the structure. And still, despite the decentralization of the cloud structure, very few people call Visa a non-centralized service. We want a completely different blockchain from cryptocurrencies. Especially when it comes to the market volume of more than several trillion dollars. At the same time, the scalability of networks has come under serious threat, since the ordinary mining solutions were in the hands of, let's say, not entirely democratic structures.

Creating a project on the blockchain, you can always go two ways. The first is the final solution, simple and user friendly. The second way is more difficult - the creation of the blockchain empowerment. Such a blockchain, which expands the functionality and gives new features that yesterday were unattainable. This is the second way the developers of the DeepCloud AI project went.

DeepCloud AI is a cloud-based decentralized platform that uses the computing power of all ecosystem participants and artificial intelligence to provide more opportunities for speed, accuracy and capabilities of the blockchain. It is necessary to adopt the Consensus protocol everywhere. Or create a fundamentally different platform, which will initially be built on this protocol, like DeepCloud AI. Simple and logical decisions on scalability will be important, which will attract miners to expand the network and support on an ongoing basis, again by simple and reasonable methods of earnings.

Features and advantages of the project:

IoT and AI from the DeepCloud AI platform are ideal for solving the issues of smart cities. Technical specialists and officials will no longer have to worry about expanding the network in order to cover the whole range of growing problems - the platform will do it for them. Another application of the platform could be logistics and tracking shipments. Current problems are sufficient in this area, especially with regard to external tracking and non-disclosure of inside information. DeepCloud AI simply and easily solves all of them! Providers of television or streaming services will also be able to fully appreciate the benefits of DeepCloud AI. Total copyright protection and delivery of paid content from producer to user through public networks, but with full protection! This is what they need.

Separately worth noting is a decentralized AI, which operates within the DeepCloud AI. With it, all files that are transferred to the network will be 100% protected by the most modern and relevant security tools. This is important both for the operating business and from time to time it becomes absolutely useful to any person. DeepCloud AI will have an integrated market with many features and functions. This is done in order to strengthen the ecosystem and not force both users and developers to use third-party applications. Security of corporate clients will be handled by the Intel SGX technology, which today is the best solution for the blockchain. In essence, it is monitoring the entire platform in real time, which eliminates any risk of exposure to scammers and other unpleasant personalities. Well, a few words about mining inside the platform. Each user can earn DEEP tokens by providing computing power for the cloud. True, for this they will need to be holders of tokens, and the tokens themselves will be frozen for the period of operation of such a network node. The scheme is not new for those who understand, but DeepCloud AI argue that the hybrid approach gives a greater profit for the blockchain as a whole. Increases the speed of transactions, and reduces the cost of the costs of these same transactions. About decentralization proceeding in fact, I think, you yourself have already guessed.

About the project tokens:

The entire economy of the DeepCloud AI platform is built on the DEEP token. It is for him that users will be able to receive computing power, VIP users will get access to exclusive functions, and miners will receive this token as payment for providing capacity for platform scalability. Also, all third-party developers will also use and receive DEEP tokens. A total of 200 million DEEP will be released. Soft Cap is set at USD 8 million, Hard Cap is 15 million. 1 DEEP in the future will be equal to 0.25 USD.


DeepCloud AI is a very large and powerful project. This shows both an impressive list of commercial partners and well-known big names in the development team. Everything is created and worked out here so that everyone understands that this project is the beginning of a new way for the blockchain. That way, where everything will be faster, more convenient, safer. In general, definitely, DeepCloud AI is not to be missed. This event in the world of cryptocurrency! But how significant it will be - time will judge.

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