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When we talk about the Datablockchain platform, we cannot ignore the internal currency - the DBCC token. The platform is used in many areas, including in business. In addition to this application, each DBCC token holder has an excellent earning opportunity. By investing in some promising project, many are not going to use it. They do not see that this product will benefit them. These people invest mainly with the expectation that the price of the token will rise. Therefore, the only factor that can ensure the growth of the token is the popularity of the platform itself and the demand for this token.

On the growth of the token plays a large number of factors. What exactly should not be forgotten is the fact that the price of all services of the platform is pegged to the dollar. In different cryptocurrency projects, it can be very difficult to figure out exactly what should form the price for a token. With Datablockchain in this regard, there is no problem. The price of all databases will be fixed in dollars, which is extremely important for understanding how the economy and DBCC will still interact within the platform.

There is also a valid MVP, which clearly makes it clear how transactions will be conducted in Datablockchain. MVP in its current form not only shows what project goals have already been achieved, but also makes it possible to study all the subtleties of the Datablockchain and realize how important DBCC is for use.

In addition, it will be possible to buy databases inside Datablockchain only for DBCC tokens. A client can download a wallet and get traditional money there, but then he will have to exchange them for DBCC. We should also not forget that database providers are also large buyers at the same time. This should have a very beneficial effect on the economy inside the platform and on the DBCC token in particular. Datablockchain solves the issue of industry inefficiency. Anyone who has lost money on substandard databases from advertising or marketing agencies will certainly appreciate the opportunity to work directly with the supplier of databases directly, bypassing intermediaries. And the only way to do this is to purchase DBCC tokens. And there will also be presented various bonus and incentive programs for sellers and buyers on the Datablockchain platform paid in local currency.


So, the stable need to use DBCC inside the Datablockchain platform gives the token the necessary level of regular demand. This demand will also be provided by buyers and data providers who will be forced to interact with the DBCC. Datablockchain created an ecosystem where the DBCC token is simply indispensable. From here and its stable demand in the near future. And the more new customers will come, who will understand all the advantages of using the platform - the higher the total demand will be. Accordingly, the price of the token will grow smoothly, while not increasing the cost of services within the platform. By investing today in Datablockchain, you are investing in a working and sought-after business, which will only expand in the future.

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