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Datablockchain is a fairly complex project on blockchain technology, which is really designed to change the existing market of advertising and marketing. Datablockchain is a universal database for everything, anything. All this we may need, when we try to identify the target audience. That is, if we sell any product or service, we need to order a marketing study. About a number of problems that will be pursued by us, depending on what for which we carry out the research, I will try to tell. And also find the solutions that Datablockchain provides for each case separately.

Problems that exist in the information market:

To date, it so happened that access to marketing information has companies with large capital. I mean not a database of addresses that can be bought on the Internet, but really filtered and valuable information that could expand any business. Transparency and conscientiousness of the work of intermediaries can also cause different complaints. Speaking of the fact that we will receive first-hand information, which has not spread to anyone before, we are simply misled. In fact, we get mediocre information that has been given to many users. And this is in case if this base did not fall into the hands of an attacker who easily sells it to a cheaper thousand interested persons.

The advantages of the project:

The technology blockchain, which applies this project solves these problems. All information is recorded, all transactions are transparent, scammers can not access from the outside to the encrypted information. Blockchain fully automates the work with databases. If one average and even a major marketing agency can store tens of thousands of databases, the blockchain's capabilities are simply not limited in numbers. In addition, database vendors can also work on the Datablockchain platform. This will allow them to receive a reward that is comparable to the value of their work. Estimates will be made by the users themselves. And this rating will allow to form those samples of data that are most relevant and really have value.

ICO terms and conditions:

A total of 870 million DBC tokens will be released. With the help of a token, you can pay off on the platform for providing databases. In tokens, they will receive rewards and suppliers. At this point, the start of the main sale phase, which will last until October 15. Soft Cap in the amount of 10 million US dollars has already been collected. Hard Cap is set at 50 million. The price of the token at this stage of the ICO is 0.12 USD.



As you can see, Datablockchain enters the market, where such a project is needed. The need for its appearance is due to stagnation and the lack of necessary technologies. But now everything can drastically change. The project is trusted by investors who provided him with Soft Cap fees. Datablockchain is able to break the current market of direct sales and marketing. With their innovative product, they have already made enough noise in this niche. When choosing a project for investment, the product plays a crucial role. I believe that the project will be in demand among users, and the technology of the project will take an important place in the life of the crypto-currency community.

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