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Advantages of the project for users:

Everything in our world revolves around resources. Every day, humanity consumes, processes and generates a huge amount of resources of different nature. Someone uses the resources of water, someone uses forest resources, someone uses wildlife resources, and someone uses mineral resources at all. Each such consumption leads to some depletion of certain resources and that the most offensive in the process of processing these same resources is often allocated and produced an incredible amount of waste that pollutes our world. What naturally negatively affects time and again the general ecological state of our planet. This problem is relevant for a very large number of spheres of our vital activity, but today we will talk only about one of them, which also exposes us not only to increased mineral depletion, but also uncontrollable amount of waste generated. And I'm talking now about Bitcoina mining. Who would have thought, but in order to provide cryptocurrency trusts generating Bitcoin consume just an incredible amount of electricity. According to the calculations of many researchers, on average, the bitcoin mining industry accounts for 0.9% of global electricity consumption. This is a lot. And the worst thing is that about 65% of this energy is produced by burning coal, which, in turn, produces too much carbon dioxide when burning. And as we remember, carbon dioxide is one of the worst contaminants of our air because of which not only the ozone layer is destroyed in the atmosphere, but also global warming occurs. A sufficient number of specialists are trying to solve this problem right away, a project that we will see today is called DAGO Mining. The project itself is a new cryptocurrency solution in which the process will be solving the above problems associated with the mining industry and its non-environmentally friendly energy consumption. The idea of the project aims to show a different way to produce cryptocurrency, while using green energy sources, as well as several additional tools with which you can achieve the highest possible rates of electricity supply.
Advantages of the project for users:
DAGO MINING is a new mining farm that is ready to show how to use renewable energy sources effectively. Also, when additional nodes are connected, in the process of generating and storing energy, it can be achieved without intermittent energy transfer. As it turned out, this is possible and that the most interesting project of this kind is able to reduce the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere, as well as to avoid any problems associated with green energy sources: the sun, wind and water. After all, often many of them are not constant, which means that in the process of daily electricity consumption, many mining farms are experiencing significant jumps and drops in electricity. Which in turn negatively affects all mining equipment that is engaged in the mining of various cryptocurrencies. The principle of operation of a whole network of technologies and elements allows to accumulate solar energy during the day, as well as its surplus, to be converted into heat, which at night can be used as fuel to generate additional electricity. As we can see from the below proposed scheme, we get a certain circulation of one energy, smoothly flowing into another and back. This principle will allow DAGO MINING to work constantly without any hitches and problems.
Given the current state of the planet and its environmental problems, excess carbon dioxide emissions adversely affect all of us. Regardless of whether they are produced from machines or from burning the angle that generates electricity for mining farms. Everything in this world is interconnected and all elements are inextricably linked with each other. Therefore, in order to change the structure of this industry, you need to start from the very beginning, from its origins, from its nourishment, which radically affects all other outgoing processes. All this is solved with the help of the DAGO MINING project. om/n580gg"> h](e - 93 %

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