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Advantages of the project for users:


The world of modern relationships has long ceased to be the same. Every day there are new and improved tools, thanks to which many of the familiar processes change. Remember when people first started using electricity, cars, television, radio, the Internet. Previously, no one could have imagined that almost everyone would have a small device, the size of a palm, thanks to which you can talk to each other, no matter where you are. These are all wonders of engineering and other technical breakthroughs and discoveries. The world of goods is no exception. Many of you have probably already felt the beauty of online stores, with which you can make various kinds of purchases without leaving your home. Of course, like any other sphere in our life, it has both positive and negative points. Identifying that you can safely understand what needs to be eliminated in order to avoid such troubles in the future. We all know that in the world there are a huge number of different brands, each of which has its own copyright and is the original in all its undertakings. But unfortunately they are not always able to track all those copies and plagiarism, which are sold by the same consumer audience, but at a different price and with a completely different level of quality. It is extremely useless to fight this in the traditional format, since no centralized system can recognize the truth from its copy. To solve this problem offers one very interesting project. The main goal of which is to combine all technological tools and functions with the help of which people will finally gain access to genuine products from around the world. The project itself has a very memorable name - Colletrix. As you already understood the technology that formed the basis of this project, we all make up our favorite Blockchain technology. It is with the help of her developers intend to create a revolution in the market for genuine products. But in order to achieve this, the developers have come to the conclusion that they cannot do only with their own internal token. Therefore, it was decided to create two separate tokens, while using one blockchain, but two protocols whose main task is to uniquely combine products with IP. This technique is designed to integrate old economic methods with new modern technologies, as well as create a new and solid business model of genuine products. Each IP will be supported by its own NFT token, which in turn will allow you to create a lifetime license for each individual product of one or another owner. At the same time, all IP owners will gain reliable confidence in the protection of their rights, since all of them will be united by one common chain of network blocks and maintained by the leading, worldwide system of smart contracts owned by Ethereum.

Advantages of the project for users:
The project will allow such groups of people to unite: collectors, merchandisers, owners of IP, crypto enthusiasts, and many other network users. For all of them, the Colletrix system has prepared a number of interesting functions and advantages, by means of which they can not only receive worthy genuine goods, but also other rewards for their positive actions. Thus, Colletrix will form an absolutely new mutually beneficial business model that will expand the possibilities of the already outdated traditional economy system. Moreover, the Colletrix ecosystem will greatly expand the values and possible benefits for all IP owners, as well as provide them with additional features that allow them to keep licensing fees in their hands. For the merchandiser, the possibility of Colletrix will open access to all sorts of goods and other digital assets, due to which they will be able to fully unleash all their talent and skill in managing goods. As for collectors, they will find a truly unique tool within which they can expand their range of products for every taste and color.

I recommend that you do not pass by this project, but pay your close attention to it. Since the concept of Colletrix is truly unique, it has every chance to break into our traditional world of trade relations and, finally, to establish a substantial order there. What, in principle, the developers themselves intend to do. Moreover, the project itself is a full-fledged complex of all the necessary functions and services, thanks to which everyone can find for himself exactly what he had been looking for so long. You can study this project by means of the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. Links which I have specially prepared for you. her>

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