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Advantages of the project for users:


Official site
The creators of CODEX One decided not to follow the modern trend with decentralized exchanges that are growing like mushrooms after rain, shocking traders with incomprehensible interfaces. No, CODEX One creates the format of a centralized crypto currency exchange, which is familiar to all of us, but with a few interesting features. But first, let's go through the basics. The design is quite pleasant and not overloaded, the colors are pleasant and not distracting, there is a function of changing the tone from light to dark, with care for traders who sit in front of the monitor day and night in pursuit of profit. The security system is thought out very well and sensibly. CODEX One has two-factor authentication (2FA), an entry alert system, as well as a system that keeps track of which device and IP address users log in to the personal account of the stock exchange - this system will allow you to detect the account hacking and freeze it in time, if, for example, attackers will be able to get around 2FA. In addition, CODEX One uses a special mechanism for protecting API keys - the EdDSA system allows you to store only the public key on the exchange servers, and the private one is available only to the user, which greatly increases the security of using the API and prevents the users from losing the keys if the exchange is hacked. Users' assets on the CODEX One exchange are also protected - only 1 to 5 percent of the funds are kept on hot wallets, and everything else is on cold ones in order to prevent the possibility of withdrawing the entire balance during a hacker attack.
The loyalty program is represented by two systems - firstly, CDX works as a deposit, and at the end of each day, all holders of this token receive dividends, depending on the number of stored CDXs. Remuneration in this case is paid not in CDX, but in other currencies. In addition, the Trading Mining system was implemented on CODEX One, thanks to which all active traders receive rewards in CDX tokens simply for making transactions on the platform - exactly 1,000,000 CDX are distributed daily between traders participating in the trades. But besides all the goodies and additional payments, it is nice to trade on the CODEX One exchange because of the low commissions. Perhaps CODEX One even has the lowest commission on the market - it is only 0.05% percent, otherwise this is by the way 20 times less than at Binance, which is considered one of the most economical exchanges. And this commission also decreases if you pay it in CDX tokens. Well, the cherry on the cake is worth noting the official license, which the stock exchange CODEX One has, which is very important nowadays. The license imposes certain obligations on CODEX One to preserve funds that users trust in the exchange, as well as an indication that CODEX One has been audited and complies with all the standards of a modern crypto currency exchange. In general, there are many advantages of the exchange, but, like any other trading platform, it needs a sore audience so that users can make successful trades, so I hope that the team will continue to work on improving the exchange and attract even more traders to it!

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