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We all know how popular digital assets are becoming. Every day some coin appears on the coinmarketcap. As a result, the growth of coins raises the question of the need to find safe places to store them. If we consider the exchangers, it is not very safe. We all know why. Since you can not control the actions that can make the exchanger. In addition, the exchangers are constantly subject to the risks of a hacker attack, and your accounts can also be closed for political reasons. As a result, you need a decentralized wallet that stores all coins safely in one place. Atomic Wallet is used to store coins in one place. Everything becomes much easier now. The system offers each of us secure methods of storing cryptocurrency using special algorithms. Each of us has the opportunity to freely navigate the site for asset management.

Atomic Wallet Usage Guide:

In order to register in the wallet, you must perform simple actions. When you go to the "downloads" section, you must select the appropriate operating system that corresponds to you. Then, after the download is completed, you need to click on the creation of a new wallet. After setting the password and saving it in a safe place, you will need to click Start using Atomic.

After installation, it is fashionable to begin actively testing the possibilities of the wallet, namely: to transfer digital assets to other wallets, exchange within one coin system to another.

My opinion about the Atomic Wallet:

Before investing in a project, first of all you need to study the product itself and the team that promotes the project. We have dealt with the product. The wallet meets the high requirements both in terms of simple conditions of use, and in providing safe conditions for the storage of cryptocurrency. For a user who has a lot of cryptocurrency, this is very important. As a result, it can manage all tokens in one place. I think this is the criterion that makes each of us consider the project seriously. Moreover, the coin is already being traded on several exchanges. As for the second question, here it is all the same at a high level. The team has experienced specialists in its team who constantly keep in touch with their clients, starting with the installation of the wallet, and ending with the solution of more serious issues and problems. It is important. The important point is how the support service works. It's all good with that. On the site, everyone can write on the problem that interests him, you can write your own wishes, give recommendations on how the application works, get answers to problems that arise in the application. All this speaks of that, I think that such a wallet is simply necessary for each of us, since everything is thought out to the smallest detail. As a result, everyone can store various coins in one place, make transactions with coins, while the interface is very clear and convenient. It is offering such opportunities that the project becomes interesting to many. The wallet works and everyone can check and install it on their operating system. All this suggests that the project is functioning and performs all its tasks 100%.

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