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Advantages of the project for users:


People have always loved to surround themselves with elements of the beautiful, beautiful things, expensive paintings and other antiques. It is difficult to answer from where we have such a love for the beautiful, but you must admit that art has always been the highest degree of beautiful and luxurious human life. Since not everyone could afford to have this or that object of art. After all, for this it is not enough to have only one refined taste, it is also important to have a lot of financial resources for its acquisition. As you all know, art objects do not lose their value over time, on the contrary, they become more and more expensive. All this is due to their historical value and quality of preservation from their original appearance. However, the world of art has always been under the watchful eye of various crooks and fraudsters, who are only looking for a moment when they can steal the original and replace it with a fake. Every year, a large number of collectors / investors suffer from the hands of fraudsters, whose losses amount to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. And this is due in most cases to the fact that there are no high-quality and effective digital solutions for determining the authenticity of fine art in the world, which naturally creates an incredible amount of problems around itself. Earlier, as far as you can remember, people defining the original or not did the whole procedure manually. They spent hours studying the canvases to reveal a certain style, quality and direction of the smear. And then, this did not always help them, since the skilled “masters” managed to surpass all expectations and copied almost to one or another masterpiece of world art. Over time, the means of checking the originals acquired an automatic character, where for people most of the work on identifying certain distinctive features was performed by the equipment. But again, this equipment is very expensive and large in size, not every gallery can afford to have such a device, which again leads to problems of protection and determination of the authenticity of paintings. After all, when transporting each individual exhibit from one museum to another, or vice versa, anything can happen from one gallery to another. The picture can damage and steal and replace. But if each of them had some kind of universal means of checking the originals, there would be no such problems. At least they would have faded away. After analyzing the current situation in the art market, a team of professionals came to the conclusion that it is possible to solve this problem, only this will require a whole range of modern technologies, which together will be able to provide high-quality and secure authentication of any picture. So, get acquainted with a new and unique project - ARTCOIN.
ARTCOIN is an incredible blockchain platform that aims to create digital DNA of any artwork. Thanks to the combination of several technologies at once, ARTCOIN allows for fixing a biometric passport of its owner for each original. This system is designed to solve all the problems described above, and also to offer the world a new digital database, where all the objects of art will be collected in one big blockchain cloud.
Advantages of the project for users:
The efficiency of all these technical processes intends to implement a specially designed smart contract, within which will be present such parameters as: insurance policy; property rights; acts of transferring the object of art from one hand to another; various payment and settlement costs and related payments; as well as all information on the purchase / sale of the object and so on. It is important to note that all this data will be stored in an interactive digital format that all users of the system will have access to. At the same time, the reliability and safety of data will be ensured by the entire blockchain system, with its unaltered network blocks, where, as we all know, it is simply not possible to fake or change this or that information.
As you already understood, ARTCOIN intends to seriously modernize the entire visual arts industry. After all, for this he has all the necessary tools and technologies. The main goal of the project is to eliminate low-quality works in the world of fine art, identifying all authors and owners of each individual art object, supporting them with a user's biometric passport, where all the necessary information will be available, both about the user and his picture. Moreover, modern authors, who else, as they say "are in a bright mind and sober memory," can finally receive deserved fees for each sale of their paintings. What I think is just great. After all, earlier if the artist sold his canvases of one or another gallery, or vice versa, to some individual collector, he made a profit only once at the time of the transaction itself. And if his paintings were later resold, redeemed or something else, then he was not.
Of course, such a large-scale concept will take more than one month of work to make itself known throughout the world. But still it is a great idea that deserves its implementation. Especially when there are all technical and technological tools for this. Therefore, I have no doubt that in the future we will be able to enjoy the services of ARTCOIN with pleasure, while feeling reliable protection of our rights and the security of all our data. Although I am not an artist, I still see a huge perspective in this concept, since it really seems to me to be able to eliminate a large number of problems related to the art industry, as well as give a new impetus to the development of this whole direction. Of course, my opinion is not exceptional and does not claim to be absolute truth, since it is only subjective and can easily be not objective. Therefore, in order to form your opinions, I recommend that you get to know this project more closely. To do this, you can use all the official resources of the project, the links of which have long been waiting for you below. And on this toom/nev536"> hg e - 100 %

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