AhrvoDEEX project overview. Advantages of the project for users

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People are engaged in brokerage for a very long time. In general, scientists experts identify three stages of the formation of stock exchange and brokerage activities. At the first stage, only this whole market was born and wore only a purely paper character. That in the future brought a lot of trouble. The second stage is the transition from paper to digital, which in turn simplified a huge number of processes, and also made it possible to regulate and monitor market prices of stocks and bonds in real time. One can say it was then that the world's first New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was born. If we talk about the third stage, it happened quite recently, when Satoshi Nakomoto presented the world with a new blockchain technology, with all the following points. Thus, the third period of development of exchange and brokerage relations acquired a decentralized character, and also improved all existing business relations. Despite all the phased stages of development, many in the world still use the old model exchanges, which are clearly not very effective and unreliable. All because they are centralized, and this means that all data and reports are stored on one (single) server, which can lead to the loss of a huge amount of information. At the same time, the loss of these data is not recovered either, which naturally has a negative impact on all market participants. Moreover, traditional exchanges have long begun to notice a downward trend in registering new small and medium brokers in their systems. Since the rules for their participation in the market have tightened, and profits have not increased. That naturally potentially discourages all new members from taking any part in traditional brokerage. An alternative option for their activities is the new blockchain and FinTech technology, the advantages that are significantly higher than those of traditional stock and brokerage areas. This is signaled by the gradually growing growth dynamics of participants and various surveyed companies, which increasingly use this type of settlement for international payments and remittances. Thus, we can safely say that these technologies have a future. This future seeks to supplement the new blockchain project, the main goal of which is to bring all trade calculations to the most liquid position, as well as to provide a reliable environment for settling and coordinating alEEX.
the peer-t/strong> is a neect is called AhrvoDEEX.
is a new decentralized exchange, whose mission is to provide an expanded opportunity for each individual participant in the system. Where anyone will find reliable and highly efficient tools for maintaining their investment-market relations, and will also be able to create any level of weal-Wf8


If we talk about AhrvoDEEX in more detail, then this company was registered back in 2017, representing a multi-factor ranking system and AhrvoScorestM for both investors and traders. Indeed, within the framework of AhrvoScorestM, there is a proprietary asset valuation model, their in-depth analysis and an extended analytical forecast, within which users can record their decisions consciously and with maximum benefit for themselves. Moreover, this entire system is protected by a patent, which makes it unique and inimitable among similar ones. At the same time, apart from the analytical characteristics, Ahrvo has a number of additional functions and privileges, the use of which implies: holding monthly investment competitions, the results of which will give the best participants rewarded with cash prizes and other pleasant opportunities; creating your own sorting compositions, choosing from more than 300 branches, the best investment topics; notify traders of any violations and much more.

Of course, to appreciate all the delights of AhrvoDEEX you need to use them in practice. But before you do this, you can only determine for yourself once again the level of project preparation, as well as all its component when studying the technical documentation of AhrvoDEEX. At the same time ask all your questions to the development team and only then carefully weigh the pros and cons. Therefore it is worth exploring this project. Moreover, all the necessary resources have long been waiting for you at the end of this review.

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